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2019 Hyundai Tucson 2.4L i4 in Dubai
2019 93,500 Miles
642 / month
Great price
2018 Infiniti QX30 2.0TC I4 in Dubai
2018 77,000 KM
1007 / month
Good price
Top condition
2018 Ford EcoSport 1.5L I4 in Dubai
2018 64,000 KM
703 / month
6% off
Great price
2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo  in Dubai
2017 31,500 KM
1572 / month
13% off
Great price
2018 Honda Jazz 1.5L I4 in Dubai

Honda Jazz 1.5L I4

AED 35,000
2018 81,500 KM
665 / month
5% off
Good price
2016 Lexus NX200 F Sport 2.0L I4 in Dubai
2016 138,200 Miles
2211 / month
Great price
2011 Mitsubishi ASX 2.0L I4 in Dubai
2011 84,000 KM
Great price
2014 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L I4 in Dubai
2014 239,900 KM
Great price
2019 Mazda 3 2.5L I4 in Dubai

Mazda 3 2.5L I4

AED 41,000
2019 71,830 Miles
642 / month
Good price
2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI club sport  2.0L I4 in Dubai
2017 177,300 KM
1338 / month
Good price
2022 Infiniti QX55 2.0L I4 Turbo  in Abu Dhabi
2022 36,800 KM
Good price
2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 3.6L V6 in Abu Dhabi
2019 47,700 KM
1473 / month
18% off
Great price
2018 Ford F150 Rapture 3.5L TC V6 in Dubai
2018 149,000 KM
2660 / month
Good price
2022 Toyota Raize G 1.0L I3 Turbo in Abu Dhabi
2022 9,500 KM
846 / month
Great price
Top condition
2020 Renault Symbol 1.6L I4 in Dubai
2020 67,540 KM
Good price
2017 Nissan Maxima 3.5 V6 in Dubai
2017 100,900 KM
1449 / month
Good price
2016 Range Rover Autobiography SV 5.0L V8 in Dubai
2016 57,500 KM
7133 / month
Great price
Top condition
2020 Mercedes S450 3.0L V6 TC in Dubai
2020 92,000 KM
3368 / month
Good price
2018 Mercedes C200 2.0L I4 in Dubai

Mercedes C200 2.0L I4

AED 110,500
2018 70,900 KM
2100 / month
Good price
2019 Mazda 3 2.0L I4 in Abu Dhabi

Mazda 3 2.0L I4

AED 52,000
2019 79,000 KM
815 / month
Great price
2018 Infiniti Q50 2.0L Turbo  in Dubai
2018 160,900 KM
922 / month
6% off
Great price
2016 BMW 520 2.0L I4 in Dubai

BMW 520 2.0L I4

AED 53,500
2016 135,650 KM
1908 / month
Great price
2017 Mercedes E300 2.0 I4 TC AWD in Abu Dhabi
2017 88,330 Miles
1842 / month
Good price
2023 Renault Megane 1.6L I4 in Dubai
2023 44,000 KM

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Used cars price list in UAE Based on advertising prices posted by sellers on CarSwitch

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price
Volvo XC90 Price in UAE AED 73,000 AED 309,900
Nissan Sunny Price in UAE AED 27,000 AED 61,990
Toyota Yaris Price in UAE AED 16,000 AED 178,998
Toyota Corolla Price in UAE AED 26,000 AED 81,999
Mercedes E300 Price in UAE AED 33,500 AED 369,750
Mercedes GLB250 Price in UAE AED 134,000 AED 249,000
Mercedes E200 Price in UAE AED 39,500 AED 354,000
Mazda CX-5 Price in UAE AED 35,000 AED 127,990
GAC GS8 Price in UAE AED 51,000 AED 137,995
Suzuki Jimny Price in UAE AED 79,000 AED 102,000

New cars price list in UAE Here’s what brand new models will cost you approximately

New Cars Starting Price Maximum Price
Mitsubishi Pajero Price in UAE AED 84,500 AED 177,500
Jeep Grand Cherokee Price in UAE AED 199,900 AED 259,900
Nissan Patrol Price in UAE AED 210,000 AED 398,500
Honda Accord Price in UAE AED 105,000 AED 158,000
Honda Civic Price in UAE AED 126,900 AED 126,900
Jeep Wrangler Price in UAE AED 189,900 AED 239,900
Toyota Corolla Price in UAE AED 73,900 AED 95,900
Toyota Prado Price in UAE AED 129,900 AED 229,900
Nissan Kicks Price in UAE AED 71,000 AED 89,500
Nissan X-Trail Price in UAE AED 91,000 AED 148,000

Car prices in UAE - Free car valuation tool

Considering to buy or sell a car in UAE? Don't make a decision without using our advanced car valuator. Engineered with data from thousands of transactions, this powerful tool provides precise value assessments for any vehicle. Check the value of the UAE today and approach your transaction with unmatched confidence and knowledge.

Buy Used Cars in UAE With Confidence

Are you searching for a 5-seater used car that is both dependable and reasonably priced in the UAE? Then your search is over with CarSwitch! Our collection features highly rated models such as the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Altima, and Mazda 6 .

Honda Accord: A Top-Ranked Midsize Sedan

The Honda Accord has long been a favorite among car buyers in the UAE, and for good reason. This midsize sedan boasts a spacious and comfortable interior, impressive fuel economy, and excellent safety ratings. Plus, with its sleek and stylish design, the Accord is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Honda Civic: A Sporty and Practical Choice

For those seeking a smaller car that still packs a punch, the Honda Civic is an excellent option. This compact car offers a sporty and fun driving experience, while still providing ample space for up to five passengers. And with its impressive fuel efficiency and reliability, the Civic is a practical choice for both city and highway driving.

Toyota Camry: A Classic Choice for Comfort and Reliability

The Toyota Camry is another popular midsize sedan that has earned a reputation for its comfort, reliability, and practicality. With its spacious cabin, smooth ride, and impressive safety features, the Camry is a top choice for families and commuters alike.

Hyundai Sonata: An Affordable and Stylish Option

The Hyundai Sonata is a great choice for those seeking an affordable and stylish midsize sedan. With its modern design, comfortable interior, and impressive features, the Sonata offers excellent value for money. Plus, with its strong performance and fuel efficiency, the Sonata is a practical choice for daily driving.

Nissan Altima: A Sleek and Spacious Sedan

The Nissan Altima is a sleek and spacious midsize sedan that offers a comfortable ride and ample space for up to five passengers. With its impressive safety features, strong performance, and modern design, the Altima is a great choice for those seeking a reliable and stylish car.

Mazda 6: A Fun and Dynamic Driving Experience

The Mazda 6 is a midsize sedan that stands out for its sporty and dynamic driving experience. With its agile handling, responsive steering, and powerful engine options, the Mazda 6 is sure to impress drivers who value performance. And with its spacious and well-appointed interior, the Mazda 6 is also a practical choice for families.

No matter which model you choose, CarSwitch offers a wide selection of 5-seater used cars in the UAE to fit your needs and budget. And with our transparent pricing and hassle-free buying process, you can rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money.

Frequently asked questions

What types of 5-seater cars are available?

There are many types of 5-seater cars available, including Sedan, SUVs, and Hatchback. The type of car that's best for you will depend on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget.
The main benefit of owning a 5-seater car is that it provides plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Additionally, many 5-seater cars are fuel-efficient, easy to drive, and affordable.
Yes, a 5-seater car can comfortably accommodate a family of five, as long as there is adequate legroom and storage space. Some families may prefer a larger car such as an SUV or minivan for added space and convenience.
Some popular 5-seater electric cars available in the UAE include the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Audi e-Tron, and Hyundai Kona.
Many 5-seater cars available in the UAE come with 4WD options such as Ford Edge, and Hyundai Santa Fe.
Many 5-seater cars available in the UAE come with a third-row option such as Toyota RAV 4, Kia Sorento, and Mitsubishi Outlander.
At CarSwitch, we thoroughly inspect and certify every used car listed on our website to ensure that it is in good condition and free from any major mechanical or electrical issues. We also provide a detailed inspection report and full history report for every car, so you can make an informed decision when buying a used 5-seater car.
Yes, we offer a hassle-free selling experience for used car owners in the UAE. Simply fill out the online form on our website to get a free valuation for your car, and one of our car experts will contact you to arrange an inspection and provide you with an offer. If you accept the offer, we will handle all the paperwork and payment, and you can walk away with cash in hand.
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