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All the used cars in UAE on are from private sellers, and so every car is located with its owner. The specific locations in UAE are specified on the website and if you like what you see on the site we can help you get an appointment with the seller to take the car for a spin.

All the used cars on are from private sellers who set their own prices, and may reduce them from time to time. If you have your heart set on a particular car then just set a price drop notification on the site and you will be automatically notified you when the seller lowers the price of your dream used car. You can even set a price limit there which we pass to the seller in case they would like to extend an offer . If you’re looking for some specific tips to how to best negotiate the price while buying a used car in the UAE, check our expert advice here does not provide financing itself, but has partnered with several banks to offer bank financing to our buyers. We’ll certainly advise and guide you throughout the process, and for a nominal fee we can issue the valuation certificate banks will require. Learn the A-Z of Car financing from the CarSwitch experts.

Used Volkswagen Cars

On the 28th may 1937, a new state-owned automotive company – then referred to as the Gesellschaft für die Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagen mbhe – is established by the German government – The aim is to respond to their transport needs and to make them happy." But soon after the 1939 Berlin Motor Show, which was first exhibited at the KdF (Kraft- durch-Freude) car, the World War II started, with Volkswagen stopped its production. With the factory in ruins ending the war, the Allies would make the German car industry a focal point for Volkswagen.

The Beetle's sale was relatively unchanged in the early 1970s as early as 1935. VW bounced back with the introduction of sports models like the Rabbit and later the Golf. In 1998, while its predator production continued, the company started to sell the highly prestigious "New Beetle." After about 70 years and more than 21 million units, the latest original Beetle rolled off in Puebla, Mexico on 30 July 2003.

Volkswagen Electric Cars:

Volkswagen has speeded up their plans to electrify and offer fully electric models – with an exact roadmap for 2030. More ID models are available for manufactured dates, GTX electric car performance variant is confirmed on some models and Project Trinity's first details - the basis of the new EV platform brand.

Promising early signs, Volkswagen's push towards electric mobility surely seems successful in 2020, with the brand supplying nearly three times the number of pure-electric vehicles it used to supply.

Volkswagen Hybrid powertrains:

Volkswagen has a hybrid plug-in powertrain (PHEV) in GTE versions of the Golf and Passat, driven for 50 km in pure electric mode by a battery that can be charged externally. Volkswagen is going to electrify the entire car fleet. The 48V mild hybrid (mHEV) motor train has an important role to play. The Volkswagen internal combustion engine is combined with a 48 V belt-incorporated starter and a 48 V battery – a low-cost gateway to the hybrid world of modeling. The 48-V Mild Hybrid (mHEV) enables you to "coast" completely off with the internal combustion engine, saving up to 0.4 liters per 100 kilometers of fuel. Furthermore, the mHEV provides a power boost that offers improved dynamics and comfort.

Volkswagen Jetta:

The Volkswagen Jetta is a compact sedan manufactured by German car manufacturer Volkswagen, first introduced 40 years ago. This small family car has undergone changes over seven generations since it was launched in 1979.

The Jetta has sold more than 17 million worldwide for decades. Historically, the Jetta has been a premium offering – priced accordingly – in the compact car category, but that has changed over recent years, as VW has sought to broaden the appeal of the US car. In the past, diesel and hybrid versions as well as a wagon body are available, but only now comes as a sedan powered by a four-cylinder turbo-powered gas motor. The model year 2019 has been redesigned and a bumper/bumper guarantee of six/72,000 miles helps to distinguish between competitors.

Most popular generation of Volkswagen Jetta is its 7th generation.

2019-7th Generation:

The newly designed 2019 Jetta has a slightly lower starting price than the outstanding model than its predecessor and is riding on a longer wheelbase. Power comes from a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with 147 horsepower. Although a manual 6-speed transmission is standard, most trims have an automatic 8-speed transmission. Standard is an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone-based touch screen multimedia system. Automatic emergency braking, blind spot alerts with rear cross-traffic alert and lane support are all part of the active safety features available.

Buyers of commercial cars can benefit from a rapid depreciation of new cars in the first year to 20% and after three years to approximately 40%. Lower mean prices for the pre-owned vehicles also offer a better chance of paying in cash or making a bigger down payment for your purchase. If you buy used car in UAE, you can rely on CarSwitch, since that is the platform for you to select your car according to your choice.

Volkswagen Tiguan:


The Volkswagen Tiguan is the German car manufacturer Volkswagen's compact crossover SUV. The second SUV crossover model of the Volkswagen brand after the Touareg was introduced in 2007. The PQ46 platform is based upon the first generation, and the second, which was launched in 2016, uses the VW Group platform MQB.

The common generation of Volkswagen Tiguan is its 2nd Generation.

2018-2nd Generation:


At the 2015 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany, Volkswagen unveiled Tiguan of the second generation. In the production of the new Tiguan, Volkswagen is using the MQB platform to support everything from superminis to mid-size SUVs.

The Tiguan has a longer wheeelbase with extra-long rear doors as well as rear seating for almost one foot longer than the previous Tiguan generation thanks to the new platform. The seating capacity is pushed into seven by third row seats, which are standard front-wheel, drive but optional for all rolling-drive models. More cargo space also exists behind; when the second-row seats are folded, the two-row model now accommodates 73.5 cubic feet (as opposed to the 56.1 cubic feet of the old Tiguan).

Certified pre-owned vehicles ensure that the quality of the used car buyers, which is also a bargain, is carefully inspected. The inspection, refurbishment and certification of certified pre-owned vehicles were conducted by manufacturer or another certification authority to ensure high quality vehicles. Certified cars often have a longer guarantee, special financing and other advantages. New cars just have the assurance they're new. You can trust CarSwitch to buy a used car in UAE, because it offers the best options to select a car as you wish.

Volkswagen Golf:

The first Volkswagen Golf product was retired from the factory in March 1974. The new hatchback, by Giorgetto Giugiaro, was developed as a replacement for the fabled and smooth Beetle and would prove to have been an outstanding achievement thanks in part to its modern style and design.

The introduction of the now legendary GTI in 1976 would strengthen the position of the VW in the History Books and would create another record of enormous popularity for decades to come. Regardless of sales, over 1 million Golfers had found homes at the end of 1976. The sales were fast and dense.

With the 8th generation of golf now underway, more than 35 million have been built. However, not all generations of the practical VW are alike, each often adding new characteristics and features to improve the capabilities of the long-term model.

The most popular generations of volkswagen golf is fifth & eighth generation.

Fifth generation (2003-2008):

The Mk5 golf was for many the highlight in the history of the model. Laser welding has been used to manufacture the underside, the roof and the lateral panels that have helped make it much stronger; this has made it much better to operate together with a new four-link rear suspension. Power outputs were also increasing, as was the available technology list – including two xenons headlights and rain sensor wipers.

In 2006, Volkswagen also continued introducing new styles of body like the Golf Plus. This bigger golf course offered more space for those with families. Just a short time later, since 1974, the total number for Golfs has risen to 25 million. A total of 3,4 million were constructed in 2008, when Mk5 Golf was removed.

Eighth generation (2020-present):

As with the Mk6, the Mk8 Golf is a development of its predecessor. It actually uses the same MQB platform but its revised external design provides less drag, partially contributing to its efficiency, refining and performance. A range of hybrid drives are also available to improve efficiency compared to the Mk7.

The new generation's other key highlight is its wide range of advanced safety, driver help and media technology, lane support, all-LED lamps, digital instrument panel, natural voice management, and more, making it even easier for the new Golf to live with and appealing to the modern public. As a result, the Mk8 will undoubtedly continue to build on the success of the previous model and will make a real contribution to increasing the current Gulf population of 35 million.

When buying a used car, you don't have to make up for costly dealer add-ons. You may have your own installed on a new car at a lower cost. What a great way to save money when you purchase a used car. You can trust CarSwitch for this because this platform offers the best options for choosing cars according to the choices.

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