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Used Toyota Cars for sale in UAE

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Used Toyota Cars for sale in UAE


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does charge for buying a used car?

Nothing at all, it’s completely free! Every used car on the website is owned and sold by private sellers in the UAE, and though can connect you with partners for insurance and transfer of ownership, it does NOT charge buyers any fees.

All the used cars in UAE on are from private sellers, and so every car is located with its owner. The specific locations in UAE are specified on the website and if you like what you see on the site we can help you get an appointment with the seller to take the car for a spin.

All the used cars on are from private sellers who set their own prices, and may reduce them from time to time. If you have your heart set on a particular car then just set a price drop notification on the site and you will be automatically notified you when the seller lowers the price of your dream used car. You can even set a price limit there which we pass to the seller in case they would like to extend an offer . If you’re looking for some specific tips to how to best negotiate the price while buying a used car in the UAE, check our expert advice here does not provide financing itself, but has partnered with several banks to offer bank financing to our buyers. We’ll certainly advise and guide you throughout the process, and for a nominal fee we can issue the valuation certificate banks will require. Learn the A-Z of Car financing from the CarSwitch experts.

Buy Used Toyota Cars in UAE with Confidence

Not only is Toyota the most popular car brand in the UAE, but some of its models are also ranked highly for their resale value. Pre-owned Toyota vehicles in UAE are known for their reliability, durability, and features. Here are some reasons to invest in a Toyota used car.

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  • Great resale value: If you want to invest in a dependable car without exceeding your budget, then be sure to consider Toyota cars in UAE. After all, Toyota in UAE is priced reasonably and some of its models like Toyota Camry, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Corolla, Toyota FJ Cruiser are on CarSwitch’s list of top 10 used cars with the best resale value in the region. Wondering how much resale value matters? It’s important to consider it, especially in the UAE, because it can be as high a 30 per cent during the first year, and then goes down to 10 to 15 per cent in the subsequent years. This means that if you invest in a used car with a good resale value you can avoid the higher rate of depreciation to save thousands of dirhams. 
  • Popularity: Toyota pre-owned cars are immensely popular in the region. They occupy the top four spots on CarSwitch’s list of the most popular used cars in the UAE. The best-selling Toyota used cars include Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Yaris. 
  • Variety: You can buy a wide variety of Toyota cars in the UAE including SUVs, coupes, trucks, sedans, stations wagons, hatchbacks, and even hybrids. 
  • Fuel economy: Many of Toyota cars like Corolla are rated highly for providing great fuel economy. This means that Toyota used cars are ideal for families and those who need a reliable vehicle for daily commutes. If you are looking exceptional fuel economy, then consider investing in a Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid car. 
  • Reliability: Toyota used cars are renowned for their reliability, durability, and longevity. So, if you invest in one, you would be getting a vehicle that you can drive for many years, and you wouldn’t have to spend too much on maintenance and repair costs. 
  • Tech and safety features: Another thing Toyota cars are known for is the tech and safety features they come loaded with. These can include full-speed adaptive cruise control, kinetic dynamic suspension system, road edge detection, satellite navigation stability systems, lane-keeping assist, touchscreen infotainment system, pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, road sign assist, reversing camera, automatic high beams, and 3-zone climate control.

How CarSwitch can help you find and buy the right Toyota used car in the UAE

The easiest way to find the best Toyota car price in UAE is through CarSwitch. We feature a wide range of Toyota used cars and you can shortlist them based on price range, body type, colour, mileage, transmission type, and many other options. If you are looking for car insurance and financing, then you can get the best rates through our partners. We take care of every step in the buying process free of charge to provide you with a hassle-free experience. 

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