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AED 100 for photos, inspection, calls and test drives for 3 months - an additional fee upon sale

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Sell my car for me

AED 100 for photos, inspection, calls and test drives for 3 months - an additional fee upon sale

Why CarSwitch

CarSwitch offers an easy & safe alternative to dealers and classified sites. We manage the whole process for selling your car while you sit back and relax. You set the price so you get the best value, without doing any of the work!

  • 70% of cars sell within 2 weeks
  • +15,000 car buyers visit daily
  • Buyers willing to pay more as cars pre-inspected & certified
  • Cars automatically featured on social media and other sites

How to Sell Cars in Abu Dhabi

Planning to sell your car in Abu Dhabi but not sure where to start? From setting a price tag to advertising your used car, you have to take multiple steps. If you’re looking for a way to sell a car online in Abu Dhabi, CarSwitch can help you do so in an easy, fast and transparent way.

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Common challenges you’re likely to face

1. Figuring out the price: You must take into account various factors to set the right price tag for your vehicle. If you set it too high then, you may not find enough buyers and also have to negotiate more during the process. But if you set it too low, then you would obviously end of losing some money unnecessarily. You always have the option to get help from the experts at CarSwitch who leverage historical data to help you set the right price so that it’s easier for you to sell your used car in Abu Dhabi.
2. Lining up buyers: Finding and convincing buyers to purchase your car can prove to be a long and challenging task. After photographing your car, you also have to advertise it through various platfoms. You can make this a lot easier by selling your car through CarSwitch which targets the right buyers through social media channels and sites.
3. Dealing with buyers: You’d be surprised by how much time and effort it can take to deal with potential buyers. Not only will you have to make many calls, but you may also need to go through lengthy negotiations. You should keep in mind is that you’re likely to come across many non-serious buyers who are just window shopping.
4. Complicated steps: It can be challenging to sell any car in Abu Dhabi and you will have to take care of some complicated tasks. For example, you may need some guidance for transferring your car at the RTA. If your vehicle is under bank financing, then you should know how to use a seller’s agreement to protect yourself.

Why you should use CarSwitch

Wondering ‘how can CarSwitch.com help me sell my car in Abu Dhabi’? We’ve made it easier than ever before to buy and sell cars in Abu Dhabi. CarSwitch is a one-stop Abu Dhabi car sale marketplace that makes sure you don’t have to face ay hassles at any stage of the process. We will take photographs of your car, advertise, and guide you with the paperwork. Most of the used cars on CarSwitch are sold within two weeks, but those who are pressed for time also have the option to sell their car in a day through our auction platform.

Set your own price, and CarSwitch will sell your car for you!
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