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Interesting facts about Lexus cars

Lexus is owned by Toyota.
Lexus 2054, which is a concept car, appeared in the movie Minority Report.
Initially, Alexis was selected as the brand name, but then the ‘a’ was dropped and the ‘i’ was switched with a ‘u’.

About Lexus

Toyota Motor Corporation also produces luxury cars under the brand name of Lexus. It was launched in 1989, around the time when Acura, Honda’s luxury brand, was launched and Nissan founded Infiniti. Lexus cars are available in over 70 countries around the globe. The Japanese brand is known for its stylish full-size luxury vehicles, coupes, SUVs, sedans, and convertibles. It’s also one of the best-selling used cars for sale

The first Lexus vehicle produced by Toyota was the Lexus LS 400 which came with a V8 engine in 1989. The design of this car was significantly different from anything else produced by Toyota. It garnered many great responses from car buyers as well as critics. It was able to challenge other brands in this segment such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

During the 1990s the brand grew with the launch of many new models. The SC 400 was released with a V8 powertrain as a sports coupe in 1991. Soon afterwards, Lexus ES 300 was unveiled, and it went on to become one of the brands best-selling vehicles. Lexus GS 300 was introduced in 1993. The brand entered the SUV segment around three years later with LX 450. Newer generations of Lexus GS 300 and Lexus GS 400 followed. The second half of this decade brought us the Lexus RX 300, which was a luxury crossover SUV. It overtook the Lexus ES models in terms of sales. At the turn of the century, Lexus IS 300 was launched. The following year, a luxury convertible car called Lexus SC 430 went into production. Soon the brand also revealed its first hybrid vehicle, Lexus RX 400h. Lexus F models, which include sports cars and vehicles that deliver higher performance, were unveiled at the North American International Auto Show. These were launched to compete with the M and AMG divisions of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Another hybrid vehicle Lexus HS 250h debuted in 2009. It also appeared as a hatchback in the form of 2010 CT 200h. Multiple ES models were introduced in 2012. Some of the models that continue to be popular today include Lexus LC, Lexus IS, Lexus RX, and Lexus GX. The brand also recently introduced an electric vehicle called Lexus UX 300e.

Lexus cars started taking part in motorsports events in 1999 and have since then participated and made their mark in many competitions. Lexus offers such a remarkable combination of luxury, performance, spaciousness, and power, that you would be able to sell your car in Dubai and UAE quickly at the right price.

Popular Lexus car models

Lexus GX460

Launched as a full-size luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) in 2009, Lexus GX460 provides you with unmatched luxury as well as immense power. The name of this car can be understood as follows: Grand Crossover (GX) and a 4.6 L V8 powertrain (460). The 2016 Lexus GX460 comes with plenty of luxury features, impressive traction, an engine that delivers more than sufficient power as well as traction, and despite having high-performance specs it manages to keep the cabin quiet and provide passengers with a comfortable ride. Drivers have the option to put it in comfort, sport, or normal mode. Like Toyota Land-Cruiser, it can also tackle all sorts of terrains.

Lexus RX350

Lexus RX cars are typically smaller than Lexus LX and Lexus GX models. The name RX350 means Radiant Crossover (RX) with a 3.5L powertrain (350). Lexus RX is now in its 4th generation that began in 2015. The 2019 Lexus RX350 is one of the best ranked mid-size luxury SUVs. It’s rated highly in terms of the quality of its cabin as well as reliability. What’s more, it’s also known to be a fuel-efficient vehicle. The sports version of the vehicle called Lexus RX F Sport comes with an adaptive suspension.

Lexus IS250

Launched in 2005 with a V6 engine, Lexus IS250 is a luxury sports sedan. Its name can be understood as: Intelligent Sport (IS) 2.5 L powertrain (250). The 2015 Lexus IS250 is available as a rear-wheel as well as a 4WD sedan. Its powertrain can deliver 204 Hp and 185 Lb-Ft. It comes loaded with an abundance of impressive features such as keyless entry, heated mirrors, and lumbar support for the driver.

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