Sell your car

How we help you sell your car in Dubai?

Looking to sell your car in Dubai? All you need to do is give us the basic details. We’ll do the homework and set the price with you upfront. If you like how that sounds, we’ll drive from there. We’ll send our switchers wherever you are to snap gorgeous photos and run the CarSwitch  200pt check. We then get word on the street, line up buyers, and set up show times to show off your used car. Once we sell your car, we even help with the paperwork. The best part? You sell straight to the buyer so you get the best price for your used car. Selling your car in Dubai couldn't be easier!

The CarSwitch Principles

Better Price

Sell your used car directly to buyers in Dubai! Who wants to pay for fancy showrooms or used car dealer margins?

Market everywhere

We market your used car everywhere in Dubai and filter the phone calls.


We help you with the paperwork! Selling your car couldn't be easier!