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Very helpful professional, thank you sufyan
Ahmed Alhadedy
Amazing service! Worth every penny! Hassle-free and very quick. I had my car listed on Tuesday & I got in total 9 offers in 4 days. Everything happened through the App. By the following Sunday it was sold already! Thanks guys!
Humam Abushaban
CarSwitch service is very good and prompt.
Syed Mohsin Ali
Had a great deal of support from the staff of Car Switch. Sufiyan handled the transactions and made it easy for the buyer n seller. And not to forget Sameer on initial stages of cordination with banks n insurance companies was very helpful.
Suhail hussain
The agent Mohamed Sofian who handled my car selling process is so professional and made the whole thing so easy and smooth due to his wide knowledge ,experience and work relationship , I simply sat back and just called to sign and collect my money , it was all about 10 minutes! Thanks Sofian
Hatem Khalifa
We visited many dealers and competitor website, they offered thrash price without even checking the condition of the car and service history. Thanks to CARSWITCH, their customer service and specially to sales agent Mr. ADHAM who were very helpful and was with us till we complete our all transfer formalities. They did a very detailed inspection, took photos and posted ad. Thanks once again CARSWITCH and Mr. Adham. It was hassle free, highly recommended and very professional
Sofian was extreemly efficient and helpful through out the whole process of selling my car I highly recommend to use the company
Excellent services.
Pastor Rokas Barkat Dubai
Thanks Mohamed Sufiyan for your service support and positive attitude
hassan shaalan
I would say that it wasn't a pleasant experience for me as first time selling a company car in Dubai, as it need thorough efforts and tolerance specially if you are a Branch company. It require thousands and millions of check in documentations , so i suggest Sellers to be prepared in paperwork before heading to RTA. 5 golden star is not enough for appreciating the efforts of SWITCH CAR TEAM, from the initial inspection to transfer procedures. I Salute you guys, specially Mr. Kamran who were there to assist the buyer when i often not available. Thank you for your patience and professionalism. And for Mr. Sufiyan who guided me during the transfer of ownership, thanks for your efficiency! JOB WELL DONE!!
Michelle De Dios
Very good company , very efficient and professional, I’ve done the sale so quick I sufyan was on time and very efficient,, I highly recommend dealing with them Thanks
Natalia Majzoub
The guys in carSwitch are proffessional. The process went smoothly. They managed to find a buyer for my car in a short time. Many thanks to Mr. Sufiyan who coordinated the final selling stages in the RTA. He was energetic, willing to help and was fully aware of the procedures. Thank you Mr. Sufiyan and carSwitch team
Naser Karmi
Jet Li
Five star experience from CarSwitch team. Am very impressed with their service from starting till the end. It was hassle free, they are on time, quick and easy. Special thanks Mohammed Sufiyan who coordinated during the ownership. He is simply amazing.
nagesh kd
Great experience overall, the guys took care of everything from A to Z, from taking the photos till transferring the car to the new owner. Highly recommend.
yasser a
Dealing with CarSwitch was very easy. For the transfer process Antony and Sufiyan was very helpful.
Vineeth Raj
Highly recommended. Very professional and prompt service form the initial interaction till closing the deal. Car was sold 2 days after posting. Mohamed Sufiyan at the final transfer (RTA) was of great help and we did the whole transaction in less than 40 min even though it was peak time
Majdi Younis
Amazing service. Right from evaluating the vehicle to publishing to handling enquiries very professionally handled. When the vehicle was sold, coordination with the buyer, getting the comprehensive test done to registration Carswitch hand held the parties very efficiently. Sufiyan particularly was amazingly friendly and thorough in his work. Other were also quite helpful and efficient. Thanks team Carswitch
Ramaswamy Ramakrishnan
Great company and service from Sufiyan. Will definitely use them again.
Joshua Taylor
Had a great experience with CarSwitch. Antony was professional, helpful and humble
Alex Smolyany

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    Use our FREE valuation tool, for a better price when selling your car

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    Let CarSwitch help with financing through our bank network

Interesting tips & facts

Negotiate your finance rates, processing fee and early payment penalty with your bank when financing a car as these may be negotiable!
3 main watch outs when buying a car, accidents, GCC specs, and tire / brake condition - all available in the CarSwitch inspection report!
If you're clearing a seller's loan, make sure you have a signed Seller Agreement to avoid any risks! (CarSwitch can get you one)
Don't ever pay the seller before the transfer of ownership, even if you're getting the car at a bargain
When buying a car with warranty, check with the dealer if it is valid AND transferrable
Bank financing is up to a maximum of 60 months, and is shorter for older cars
The minimum loan value for which banks are willing to finance is generally around AED 25,000
Your used car loan cannot be greater than half your salary less existing liabilities
When financing a car, all banks require a valuation certificate from an authorised valuator to confirm the value of the car - CarSwitch can help
If you're buying a car with a service contract, confirm with the agency it is indeed transferrable!
Every car on CarSwitch is from a private seller, but we've inspected every one and put the results online so you save your time! All free
Clear your loan in advance, and make sure you've received the RTA SMS that's it done as Banks may miss notifying RTA
If your CarSwitch inspection score is below 4.0, you car may fail the RTA inspection and so consider getting minor repairs done
If your tires are older than 4 years, or brakes worn out, get them changed before transfer as the car will fail RTA inspection
When transferring your car at the RTA, don't forget to bring your Emirates ID and Car Mulkiya
Did you know you can hold on to your license plate number when selling your car? The RTA can hold them just for you for 3 months
Your asking price will determine how long it takes to sell your car, get it done right by checking
Never accept a personal cheque to sell your car, it might bounce! Cash, or manager's cheque, is king
Check if your insurance policy is refundable, you might get some money back once you complete the sale
Don't forget to get a copy of the new registration card after sale, you'll need it to cancel your insurance
If the value of your car is less than 10 times what you're paying for collision or comprehensive insurance then the coverage isn't a good deal.
Keep your service records! It`s critical to getting a better price when selling your car, extended warranty is another big plus for buyers
Can`t clear your loan? CarSwitch can get you a Seller Agreement (500 AED) so a buyer clears your loan for you
Only the registered owner can sell a car, if they`re not available a valid and attested Power of Attorney required
Seller Agreement trumps a Power of Attorney, as the former cannot be cancelled
Don`t forget to clear outstanding fines before transfer, some violations will require an in person visit to clear
After transfer, don`t forget to remove the Salik Tag. Salik won`t refund the balance though :(
Verify your service contract and warranty are actually transferrable to a new owner before placing your ad
If never kept service history receipts, you can ask your service center for a summary statement of your visits
Your insurance policy can be expanded to cover specific, or all, GCC countries in case you`re a frequent traveller
Never agree to a buyer paying you in installments, ask them to apply for bank financing so you get paid in full up-front
If you`re registering the car in another Emirate you`ll likely need to transport it on a flat-bed truck which will cost AED +200 depending on the distance
If you`re transfering a car from Abu Dhabi you can get Export plates valid for 3 days

Frequently Asked Questions

How would CarSwitch sell my car in UAE?

Are you wondering "How to sell cars in UAE"? makes it super simple to get the price you’re looking for, without doing any of the work!

How do you get the best price for your used car? Simple, you set it! Our Switchers will provide guidance on pricing, and you can change it at any time through the app, so that ultimately you’re in full control. From there on, we handle all the chaos. Our partner network of banks, insurers and specialists will handle it all from visiting you, wherever you are in Dubai, AbuDhabi or Sharjah to photograph and inspect your car, to figure out how to sell a car already on loan. We then advertise your car online through, our social media channels, and other sites, line up buyers, and enable show times to show off your used car. You will sell your car in no time, and for the price that you want! Once we sell your car, we even guide you with the paperwork. The best part? You sell straight to end user buyers so you get the best car prices.

70% of used cars on the CarSwitch sell within two weeks, though many within a few days of posting and others within several weeks. Your price is the primary determinant of how long it will take to sell your car, which you control completely through your CarSwitch seller portal. This portal displays a ton of guidance to help you set the best price, from recommendations based on a thousands of real transactions conducted through CarSwitch to live comparisons of views, calls, and price drop requests versus other comparable cars on the website. Here you can set your price and change it at any time, as well as set your last price to help in any negotiations, and enter our auction platform for instant cash sale if you run out of time. Throughout, our team works tirelessly using this information to filter buyers and sell your car as quickly as possible.

With CarSwitch you set your own price! However, we provide concrete recommendations that account for your specific make, model, mileage, historical data from thousands of transactions conducted through CarSwitch. Ultimately, we aim to get the best price for your used car for sale in , UAE and the testament to that is we let you control it fully.

We do strongly recommend that you follow the price guidance that our Switchers provide. In addition, you can review the performance of your ad compared to other cars on the platform, and reduce your price to get more traction at any time through your seller portal.

Not to worry, we’ll guide you through the transfer with access to our partner lane at Tasjeel and step-by-step instructions to ensure you’re well prepared. You can also read up on how to transfer your car at the RTA here.

CarSwitch arranges for a specialist to run a 1 hour assessment of your used car to gauge its condition. During the inspection, the Specialist will take professional photos, examine the interior & exterior, assess the condition تكلفة فحص السيارة وتصويرها ومتابعه مكالمات المشترين 150 درهما (بالإضافة لقيمة الضريبة المضافة), وعند إتمام بيع سيارتك تضاف رسوم البيع والتى تبدأ من 1000 درهم وحتى 3% من قيمة السيارة (بالإضافة لقيمة الضريبة المضافة)، وتُحدد حسب قيمة السيارة ويتم الإتفاق عليها قبل الإعلان عنها، وتُدفع فقط فى حال بيع السيارة من خلال موقعنا. نحرص على راحتك من متاعب بيع السيارة!، ستُباع سيارتك المستعمله فى دبي بأعلى سعر ممكن ودون آي عناء.of the engine and go on a test drive with you to make sure that the main components in your used car works as they should.

The results of the inspection are displayed online which helps us answer most buyers' questions and only refer you serious buyers! In addition, transparency on the fantastic condition of your car increases your car's price! Please note, CarSwitch does not warranty inspection results, particularly as the results may change from the time of inspection, and so buyers may request their own inspection at their own expense with your approval.

The process is easy and hassle-free. The Specialist will visit you anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi and you only need to be present for 10-15 mins, of the full hour, to answer some questions and go for a test drive. Car selling made easy for the busy UAE residents.

Our admin fee starts at AED 49. This includes organizing a specialist visit to inspect / photo, handling calls, filtering car buyers and arranging test drives. When we sell your car a success-based fee of AED 1,000 up to 3% (+VAT) will apply (depending on the value of your car but agreed with you up-front) which you can build into your car price. This fee is applicable only if we are able to help you sell your car. We take all the headaches for selling your car while you get the best price! Your Used Car for Sale in Dubai will go quickly and without hassle!

We will work hard to help you sell your car anywhere in UAE. However, if you end up selling your car on your own then our success-based fee won’t apply. In addition, we will still guide you through the process to make sure that the transfer of car ownership at the RTA is a hassle free experience. We only ask that if you post your car on another platform, that you match the listing price you select on CarSwitch to give us a fair shot.

Selling car couldn't be easier!

We can handle it, through our partner network, and do it all the time! You can read our full guide to selling cars under bank financing, but the short version is once your used car has been sold, the buyer will need to pay off the existing bank loan and transfer any remaining cash to you. We’ll arrange for a legal seller agreement through our partner network to keep the buyer protected. Trust us. We know how to sell cars in UAE :)

Our primary motivation is to get you the absolute best price possible, and so if you have a couple of days of time we always encourage you to post the car at an attractive price and we’ll secure an end user buyer in no time at all hassle free (as we’ll handle it all from fielding phone calls to attending test drives in your location). In case you simply don’t have the time, we’ll arrange an instant cash offer through our auction platform so you get over and done with in the same day. is the UAE's #1 rated site for buying and selling certified used cars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. With Thousands of cars to choose from, you can be assured that you will find the right used car that meets your exact needs, whether it is from a certified dealer or private seller. We host all the major brands including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, Porsche and so much more! All cars from private sellers are pre-inspected with complete results including images down to every scratch available online. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a car in UAE. makes it easy for you to search and compare Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai cars. You can ask a question directly to the seller, request a call back from one of our switchers, make an offer or directly reserve the car online. The best part is, our Switchers will handle every step of your used car buying process FOR FREE. However, please keep in mind some additional costs you will encounter when buying a car in UAE. offers a secure payment method where we secure your funds and ensure the seller only receives your money after safe transfer. We also provide free assistance on finance, insurance and the RTA transfer. Finally, we can deliver your used car to your doorstep and even offer great deals on service contracts and warranty from respectable brands.

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