5 Tips to Negotiate When Buying a Dubai Used Car

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Even experienced salespersons find negotiations tricky. One wrong move can give the seller an upper hand in the deal and cost you thousands of dirhams. Our 5 simple tips can avoid hours of haggling and save thousands while browsing used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE. Just follow these tips by CarSwitch pros who have negotiated with a lot of buyers and sellers.

  1. Don’t give away information: Never let the seller know that you are pressed for time, impatient, or desperately need that car. On the other hand, you will be in a better position to negotiate when the seller is in a hurry to sell the car. Meanwhile, it can be useful to learn these used car financing tips.
  2. Keep facts and figures at your fingertips: Do some homework before you meet the seller. Talk to a few experts and browse sites like CarSwitch to get a sense of the used car’s value. Make sure that you look up prices for used cars with similar specifications (e.g., navigation, reversing cameras). If sellers realize that you know the market, they are less likely to set an unreasonable price. If you are looking for used cars cheaper than AED 50,000, check these out.
  3. Wait before you make a counter-offer: See how much the seller is willing to reduce his price before making a counter-offer. If you offer more than what the seller was expecting, you would end up paying more.
  4. Be aggressive: Make sure your counter-offer is much lower than the asking price so that there is enough room to negotiate. However, the seller might walk away if it’s too unreasonable. The trick is to see how aggressively the seller has set the price and then give yourself more room to negotiate.
  5. Grind out the last 5%: Capture the last AED 1,000-2,000 in discount by looking at the condition of obvious items like tires, brakes, and interior/exterior spots. You can get the seller to throw in a freebie (e.g., free polish, split the cost of tire replacement) if you negotiate well.

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