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Are you looking to buy or sell a car but don't know car prices in Dubai, UAE? CarSwitch has developed a proprietary algorithm to arrive at a fair value for your car in UAE. The algorithm covers GCC-spec cars in the UAE. No more guessing! Find out the price of cars in Dubai in just a few clicks.

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How Our Car Valuation Tool works

Our Car Value Calculator incorporates thousands of data points for car value calculation from real transactions and consumer sentiment through crowd-sourced polls and live listings. Range of valuation is due to varying conditions of cars.

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Looking to sell a car in Dubai? CarSwitch offers an easy & safe alternative to dealers and classified sites. We manage the whole process for selling your car while you sit back and relax. You set the price so you get the best value, without doing any of the work

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the value of my car?

The market value of your car is calculated by analyzing thousands of up to date market data points for your specific make, model, trim, year of manufacture, and mileage. These data points are gathered by scrapers that capture every listing, as and when it is posted on any website in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, UAE. Furthermore, as assists thousands of sellers every month in selling their car, we have scores of actual transaction data (not just advertising prices) which our AI engines superimpose to fine tune statistical depreciation curves. The result is a reflection of what our models believe the real value of a car is whether it is sold to an end user or a dealer (who later sell for a profit).

Absolutely, with you set the price and we will sell your car for you! Use the Car Value Calculator for guidance on the recommended price, and even if you want to try and get a little more you set the price you want and we will sell it for you! Just follow the flow above which will ask you for some basic information such as your car’s make, model, year, trim, body type and mileage and we will display your used car value. You then set your asking price and we will sell your car in UAE for the best value! Thousands of people use us every month!

Ultimately, at, we aim to get the best price for your used car for sale in Dubai, UAE and the testament to that is we let you set and control the price fully.

There are several factors that determine a used car value including

-Year of manufacture and Mileage. A car value in the UAE depreciates quite significantly in the first few years, especially when the shape changes, but this rate of depreciation slows down as the car gets older. Additionally, the more a car is driven each year, the further it is going to depreciate.

-Car Condition. This condition of your car can affect the value of your car by up to 30%! Factors such as oil stains, serious mechanical issues, repainted panels all affect the value of a used car significantly. While smaller issues like scratches and dents may make it appeal less to a buyer, though are unlikely to cause major losses to its value

-Service Record. Access to a record of the car’s service history is an essential aspect for anyone buying a car. A record to show that your car has been taken for regular servicing could increase the lifespan of the vehicle and also allows the buyer to see how the car has been treated and what condition the car is in at the time of sale.

-Supply and Demand of Cars. For car models in demand, where supply of used cars is low for specific years of certain car models, these models are more likely to retain a higher value than the average market depreciation of a car from that year. However, these certain car models usually take longer to sell.

-Regional Specifications. GCC spec cars hold their value much better than those with Non-GCC specs. There is typically no service history available for Non-GCC spec cars and the majority of these cars that arrive to the UAE are salvaged or have been in a serious accident. Therefore, the values of Non-GCC spec cars are a lot lower.

-Private vs Dealer Sale. If you are looking to sell to a private individual, you will receive a better price for your car and one that is closer to the Market Value. However, with a dealer sale, although you sacrifice on value, it is very quick!

-High Mileage. The average mileage of a car per year is approximately 20,000 kms. Driving a car for distances greater than the average value per year causes a car to depreciate more quickly.

-Non GCC Specs. Owning a used car with Non-GCC specs (for example an imported car from the United States) will have a lower intrinsic value as it will not have service history buyers can validate and reputationally are suspect to have been accidents which buyers are generally weary of. We have generally found car values to be ~30% lower than the value of GCC spec cars.

- Incomplete or No Service History. This means that the buyer has little information as to how the car has been treated and what the current condition of the car is and therefore, this cars value is much lower than what the market value indicates.

- Poor Car Condition. The condition of your car can affect your car value by up to 30%! Factors such as oil stains, serious mechanical issues, repainted panels all affect the car value significantly.

CarSwitch’s Car Value Calculator provides you with information about the current market value of your used car. It will give you a good idea for how much you should sell your car for. However, the used car market is quite dynamic, changing quite frequently as new cars come on the market with different prices and within a month you might find the value of your car has changed making your car uncompetitive. In order to get the most up to date information, please check the values on a monthly basis or sign up to where our Switchers will handle this for you. Selling and buying a used car in the UAE has never been as easy. tips to get the best value when selling your car in the UAE would be:

- Try and keep the mileage of your used car within the average range.

- Regularly send your car for service and ensure all these details are recorded.

- Make sure your used car is kept in good condition and address any issues prior to selling.

- Avoid selling your car to a dealer / trader or instant cash type services as, though convenient, these are for profit channels and so must buy your car for lower than market value to make a living

- Give yourself time when selling your used car so you can hold for the right buyer that maximizes your value

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