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Interesting facts about BMW cars

Rolls-Royce and Mini are owned by BMW.
The first engines produced by BMW were for aircraft.
The Chinese nickname for BMW, bao-ma, translates to the precious horse.

About BMW

Based in Munich, Germany, BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, produces a variety of vehicles ranging from motorbikes to luxury cars. BMW is more than a century old, but it initially produced engines for airplanes and then motorbikes. It ventured into the production of cars in 1928 with BMW Dixi.

The first luxury car called BMW 501 was produced in 1952, and BMW 700, which was released around seven years later, helped the company make its mark. BMW Isetta was another car that rose to prominence during this decade. BMW launched many successful luxury cars as well as sports and supercars in the next three decades. This included BMW 1500, which was unveiled at the German Motor Show. During the 1990s, one of the best-selling cars BMW Z3 was unveiled. At the turn of the new millennium, we saw models such as BMW X3, BMW X5, and BMW X6. The first electric vehicle (EV) by the company was launched in 2013. From roomy SUVs to luxury sedans, car buyers can find a wide range of BMW used cars for sale. What’s more, given the popularity of these cars, as a beamer owner, you will have a great experience when it’s time to sell your car in Dubai and UAE.

BMW vehicles have accumulated many nicknames, including beemer, beamer, and bimmer. While gearheads often refer to BMW cars as bimmer, these other two nicknames are reserved for BMW motorbikes. ‘Bimmer’ is based on the nickname given to BMW motorbikes and became common in the 1970s. BMW’s logo is based on the flag of Bavaria.

BMW has released multiple model lines, including 1 to 8 series, M series, X series, i series, and Z series. The i series relates to electric cars whereas M series contains high-performance and sports vehicles. BMW has won many motorsport competitions. The company bagged its first victory in 1929 with a BMW 3/15 PS and has seen success in numerous car races since then.

Bimmer enthusiasts from all around the world also flock to the BMW museum in Munich, Germany to learn more about the brand and all the great vehicles the company has built over the years.

Popular BMW car models


Launched in 1999, BMW X5 is a luxury SUV but its performance specs are so impressive that it is also referred to as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV). The 1st generation BMW X5 cars also had the 4WD option. In its 2nd generation a high-performance version of the car called BMW X5 M was unveiled at the 2009 New York Auto Show. Its 4th generation began last year and brought us the popular 2019 BMW X5, which comes with a power-packed V8 engine. It provides the perfect combination of luxury and performance. Those looking for a version of this car that can provide an even higher performance can consider BMW G05 X5 M.

BMW 520

BMW 520 is a popular model that belongs to the 5 series and is available with diesel as well as petrol engines. It comes with cutting edge technologies such as a cruise control system and keyless starting. Did you know that the 5 series is second only to 3 series in terms of sales? If you’re looking for a vehicle with athletic prowess, then you can consider the 2019 BMW 520 M Sport.


Released as a luxury crossover vehicle in 2008, BMW X6 can provide you with an unmatched driving experience. It is also called a sports activity coupé (SAC) and stands out for its different design. It can accommodate five people and even taller passengers get plenty of headroom and legroom. Its concept was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. BMW X6 has larger dimensions than BMW X5. A sportier version of it is called BMW X6 M, which can reach 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds, was revealed at the New York Auto Show in 2009. An 8-speed automatic transmission was introduced in its 2nd generation, which began in 2015. The 2019 BMW X6’s cabin is not only beautiful but also comes loaded with all the latest tech features. It’s available with six and well as eight-cylinder engines. From comfort to acceleration to style, BMW X6 delivers everything you may be looking for in a luxury crossover car.

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