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Explore a diverse selection of 130 used cars in Dubai currently available at CarSwitch. These used cars for sale in Dubai are from both, private sellers, which are pre-inspected and approved by our car experts, and dealers.

130 Used Ford cars for sale in Dubai

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2017 Ford Mustang 2.3L I4 Ecoboost  in Dubai
2017 75,000 Miles
884 / month
Great price
2018 Ford Mustang 2.3L TC I4 in Dubai
2018 53,500 Miles
1140 / month
Good price
Top condition
2018 Ford EcoSport 1.5L I4 in Dubai
2018 64,000 KM
703 / month
Great price
2018 Ford F150 Rapture 3.5L TC V6 in Dubai
2018 149,000 KM
2945 / month
Good price
2015 Ford Escape 2.5L I4 in Dubai

Ford Escape 2.5L I4

AED 27,000
2015 109,000 KM
1863 / month
Good price
2014 Ford Escape 2.5L I4 in Dubai

Ford Escape 2.5L I4

AED 20,000
2014 154,000 KM
Great price
2012 Ford Escape 3.6L V6 in Dubai
2012 229,900 KM
Great price
2015 Ford EcoSport 1.5L I4 in Dubai
2015 125,500 KM
Great price
2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L I4 in Dubai
2018 47,500 Miles
808 / month
Good price
2013 Ford Explorer XLT 3.5L V6 in Dubai
2013 151,000 KM
Fair price
2016 Ford Figo 1.6 I4 F Sport in Dubai
2016 55,000 KM
Good price
2017 Ford Figo 1.5L i4 in Dubai

Ford Figo 1.5L i4

AED 20,000
2017 136,900 KM
Great price
2017 Ford Expedition 3.5L V6 in Dubai
2017 137,800 KM
1449 / month
Great price
2016 Ford Focus 1.6L I4 in Dubai

Ford Focus 1.6L I4

AED 20,000
2016 217,000 KM
Good price
Top condition
2019 Ford EcoSport 1.5L I3 in Dubai
2019 60,932 KM
564 / month
Great price
2018 Ford Explorer 3.5L V6 in Dubai
2018 36,150 KM
1748 / month
Good price
2015 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6 in Dubai
2015 108,100 Miles
2277 / month
Great price
2013 Ford Edge 3.5L V6 in Dubai

Ford Edge 3.5L V6

AED 18,500
2013 233,500 KM
Great price
2021 Ford Explorer 3.0L V6 in Dubai

Ford Explorer 3.0L V6

AED 106,000
2021 61,000 KM
1661 / month
Good price
2016 Ford Fusion 2.5L i4 in Dubai

Ford Fusion 2.5L i4

AED 21,000
2016 72,100 Miles
Good price
2014 Ford EcoSport 1.5L i4 in Dubai
2014 110,561 KM
Good price
2013 Ford Edge 3.5 L V6 in Dubai

Ford Edge 3.5 L V6

AED 35,500
2013 135,650 KM
Great price
2012 Ford Expedition 5.4L V8 in Dubai
2012 289,000 KM
Great price
Top condition
2019 Ford Edge 2.7TC V6 EcoBoost Twin-Turbo in Dubai
2019 96,500 KM
1543 / month

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Used Ford cars price list in Dubai Based on advertising prices posted by sellers on CarSwitch

Used Ford Starting Price Maximum Price
Ford Ranger Price in Dubai AED 129,000 AED 200,000
Ford F150 Price in Dubai AED 53,000 AED 410,000
Ford Edge Price in Dubai AED 12,000 AED 154,995
Ford Bronco Price in Dubai AED 59,500 AED 205,500
Ford Taurus Price in Dubai AED 52,000 AED 97,500
Ford Escape Price in Dubai AED 9,000 AED 63,000
Ford Mustang Price in Dubai AED 25,500 AED 219,000
Ford Explorer Price in Dubai AED 27,000 AED 169,000
Ford EcoSport Price in Dubai AED 18,000 AED 49,990
Ford Fusion Price in Dubai AED 21,000 AED 39,000

Recent selling prices of used Ford cars in Dubai Based on actual used car transactions that recently took place in Dubai

Recent selling prices
Ford Selling price
Mustang Fully Loaded
2018 51k KM Non GCC
AED 75,000
Figo Base option
2016 90k KM GCC
AED 14,000
Mustang Base option
2020 74k Miles American
AED 52,000
Figo Base option
2016 66k KM GCC
AED 16,000
Escape Base option
2014 118k KM GCC
AED 16,500
Escape Base option
2016 100k KM GCC
AED 21,500
Expedition Semi Loaded
2014 172k KM GCC
AED 24,500
Territory Semi Loaded
2023 29k KM GCC
AED 91,500
Explorer Base option
2014 169k KM GCC
AED 26,000
Edge Semi Loaded
2017 151k KM GCC
AED 32,000
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Ford car prices in Dubai - Free car valuation tool

Considering to buy or sell a Ford in Dubai? Don't make a decision without using our advanced car valuator. Engineered with data from thousands of transactions, this powerful tool provides precise value assessments for any vehicle, including the Ford. Check the value of the Ford today and approach your transaction with unmatched confidence and knowledge.

Buy Used Ford Cars in the Dubai With Confidence

are you in the market for pre-owned Ford cars in Dubai ? wondering what’s the best way to find the right one and whether you should go for new or used second hand Ford cars in Dubai? carswitch can help you find and buy used Ford cars in Dubai without any hassles and guide you throughout the process.

new versus used Ford cars: which option should you go for?

it goes without saying that new cars cost more compared to used cars, so if you’re looking for an afFord able Ford, used cars in Dubai are the best option. if you don’t go for a new one, you can easily get a higher-end used car in the same budget. what’s more, the value of a new car starts depreciating the minute you drive it out of the showroom. in the first year’s it can be as high as 20 percent but slows down to 10 to 15 per cent annually in the following years. so, in Dubai, used Ford cars can help you save a lot of money as they depreciate at a lower rate compared to brand new cars.

most popular used Ford cars in Dubai

Ford, an american auto manufacturer, was established in 1903 and is a very recognizable brand name all over the world. some of its popular models include Ford mustang and Ford f-150. they attract a lot of buyers in Dubai. if you are a sports car fan, the Ford mustang is the right choice for you. Ford f-150, a muscular pick-up truck, is a great option if you enjoy off-road activities. for families, Ford edge and Ford explorer are the better options as they are suvs with all terrain capability. other cars that you should look at are Ford figo, Ford focus and Ford fiesta.

why you should use carswitch

the easiest way to find and buy used Ford cars in Dubai online is through carswitch. we will not only assist you in getting your most preferred car at the best price but will also guide you throughout the process. with carswitch, comparison shopping has become easier than ever before. we featured inspected and certified cars to help you buy used cars with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

Can I test drive used Ford cars before buying it in Dubai?

Absolutely! At CarSwitch, we believe that a test drive is a crucial part of the car buying process. You are more than welcome to schedule a test drive for any of the Ford cars listed in Dubai and we will coordinate with the seller for the setup! Select your preferred Ford car in Dubai on our website and schedule your test drive.
Some of the most popular used Ford models available in Dubai include the Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Ford Mustang, Ford F150 and Ford Escape
Yes, we offer delivery services for used Ford buys through our website in Dubai. We can deliver your car to your doorstep, making the process convenient.
We offer various payment methods for buying a used Ford in Dubai, including cash payments and bank transfers.
The price range for used Ford in Dubai varies depending on the model, year, and condition of the car. Based on the current listings, Ford car prices in UAE start from AED 10,000 and go up to AED 420,000.
You will need to provide your Emirates ID, driving license, and proof of insurance to buy a used Ford through CarSwitch. Additional documentation may be required for financing or registration purposes.
Absolutely! At CarSwitch, we encourage direct negotiations between buyers and sellers. If you're interested in a used Ford car in Dubai, you have the flexibility to make a price offer to the seller exclusively through our mobile apps.
CarSwitch is a trusted partner of many leading banks across the UAE for used car valuations and financing options. If you want to finance your Ford in Dubai, you can visit our website at to learn more about the financing options.

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