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Nothing at all, it’s completely free! Every used car on the website is owned and sold by private sellers in the Dubai, and though can connect you with partners for insurance and transfer of ownership, it does NOT charge buyers any fees.

All the used cars in Dubai on are from private sellers, and so every car is located with its owner. The specific locations in Dubai are specified on the website and if you like what you see on the site we can help you get an appointment with the seller to take the car for a spin.

All the used cars on are from private sellers who set their own prices, and may reduce them from time to time. If you have your heart set on a particular car then just set a price drop notification on the site and you will be automatically notified you when the seller lowers the price of your dream used car. You can even set a price limit there which we pass to the seller in case they would like to extend an offer . If you’re looking for some specific tips to how to best negotiate the price while buying a used car in the Dubai, check our expert advice here does not provide financing itself, but has partnered with several banks to offer bank financing to our buyers. We’ll certainly advise and guide you throughout the process, and for a nominal fee we can issue the valuation certificate banks will require. Learn the A-Z of Car financing from the CarSwitch experts.

Used Hyundai Cars

Back in 1947, Chung Ju-Yung founded the Hyundai Engineering and Building Company. Later in 1967, he founded the Hyundai Motor Company and joined the Ford Motor Company in 1968 to produce his first car, the Cortina. But Hyundai depends on the expertise of former Chairman Austin Morris and five other leading UK car engineers when he is ready to do so. In 1975, Hyundai released the Pony, Korea's first vehicle, featuring the ItalDesign design of Giorgio Giugiaro and the powertrain technology of Mitsubishi Motors, in Japan.

The Pony is now exporting more than one million high-value cars from sedan, SUV, lorry and busses, which was first produced independently by Hyundai Motor in 1976. In 2010 some 3.6 million cars were sold worldwide, 16.3% more than in 2009. In 2010, Hyundai Motor, the largest automaker in the Korean market, sold approximately 45% of 659,565 cars on the Korean domestic market. In 2010, the Company sold around 2.9 million cars to 5,300 dealers in over 186 countries outside Korea.

Hyundai started exporting the pony to Ecuador in 1976 and in 1984 became Canada's top-sale vehicle. The one millionth vehicles were manufactured by Hyundai in 1985 and the next year began selling vehicles in the States. In 1988, Hyundai began with his own technology and first saw the rival Kia Motors, the Sonata Hyundai, acquired in 1998. The same year Hyundai began to transform its image into a world-class brand focused on design and quality by adding to U.S. vehicles even a 10-year 100,000-mile guarantee. It paid for it. It ranks second in 2004 in the renowned J.D. Power and Associates quality survey and has also become one of the 100 leading brands in the world.

Hyundai is listed as one of the 5 world's top automakers and one of the world's fastest-growing and statistically increasing brands in recent decades. In Hyundai, worldwide over 3.6 million cars have been sold. Ulsean has one of the largest automobile production facilities in the world with an annual capacity of 1,6 million cars in Asia, North America, Europe and facilities in North America, India, China, Pakistan and the Czech Republic. This is the only place where research and development is possible. The company also employs over 75,000 people and in 193 countries around the world it operates 6,000 retailers and showrooms.

Global Operations:

Hyundai Motor has more than 78,000 employees around the world and implements a new global localization policy. This includes the development, design, commercialisation, marketing and consumer services to meet the tastes of both the local and global customers.

Hyundai Motor currently has six U.S., Indian, Chinese, Czzech, Russian, and Brazilian power stations. The global production capacity of Hyundai Motor today stands at around 3.91 million units per year (Domestic Korea: 1.96 million/Overseas: 2.05 million).

Future cars

The latest Hyundai concept vehicle, Curb, was unveiled during the 2011 Detroit International Auto Show. Curb is a compact urban activity vehicle for the next generation of buyers in Hyundai (UAV). Curb is also a test bed for future Hyundai Blue Link and automobile connectivity.

The design of the Curb begins with the crystal which spills in the cap and wraps the A-pillars around the cowl. This look is like a sport bike helmet's facial shield. The structural cups below the glass are applied like a shield on the glass panels.

At the start, the many LED lights of the Curb sequentially light up and start with the external lines and the signage of the Curb light through the paint. Furthermore cameras replace side mirrors with the HUD.

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