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What does charge for buying a used car?

Nothing at all, it’s completely free! Every used car on the website is owned and sold by private sellers in the Dubai, and though can connect you with partners for insurance and transfer of ownership, it does NOT charge buyers any fees.

All the used cars in Dubai on are from private sellers, and so every car is located with its owner. The specific locations in Dubai are specified on the website and if you like what you see on the site we can help you get an appointment with the seller to take the car for a spin.

All the used cars on are from private sellers who set their own prices, and may reduce them from time to time. If you have your heart set on a particular car then just set a price drop notification on the site and you will be automatically notified you when the seller lowers the price of your dream used car. You can even set a price limit there which we pass to the seller in case they would like to extend an offer . If you’re looking for some specific tips to how to best negotiate the price while buying a used car in the Dubai, check our expert advice here does not provide financing itself, but has partnered with several banks to offer bank financing to our buyers. We’ll certainly advise and guide you throughout the process, and for a nominal fee we can issue the valuation certificate banks will require. Learn the A-Z of Car financing from the CarSwitch experts.

Used Renault Cars

The three Renault brothers - Louis, Marcel, and Fernand - formed Renault S.A., a global automotive manufacturing firm based in France, in 1899 as Societe Renault Freres. Despite the fact that the company's official foundation stone was laid in 1899, the first Renault car was sold in 1898. The Renault Voiturette 1CV was the first Renault car designed and manufactured by Louis Renault. Louis, a brilliant young engineer of his day, built a number of models before forming the Renault vehicle company with his brothers, the first of which was the Voiturette, which was later purchased by a friend of the founding brothers' father. Used car in Dubai vehicles are responsible for carefully monitoring the quality of the used car buyers, which is also a deal. The manufacturer or other certified authority carried out inspections, renovations and certification of used car in Dubai vehicles to guarantee high-quality vehicles. Certified automobiles are often given a longer guarantee, special financing and other benefits. New cars have only the assurance of being new. CarSwitch can trust you to buy a used car in Dubai, because it provides the best option for choosing a car as you like.

Renault began developing its own engines in 1903, and barely two years later, the Societe des Autos de Place purchased an entire fleet of Renault AG1 automobiles for conversion into taxis, marking the company's first substantial sale. Renault automobiles experienced a watershed moment in their history in 1908, when the less-than-decade-old company exceeded the manufacturing record of 3,575 units, taking the top spot in terms of volume among French automakers. Used Cars in Dubai of Renault provides the same specifications to you, if you want to save your money and also want to buy a car then you must choose used car to buy.

Renault's first venture into the Indian vehicle market was through a partnership with Mahindra & Mahindra, which led in the formation of Mahindra Renault Limited in 2005 and the launch of the first Renault car in India, the Logan, in May 2007. Despite the fact that the JV terminated in February 2010, Mahindra continues to manufacture the Logan, with Renault supplying some key production components. The resulting updated and vastly improved Renault Logan is now known as the Mahindra Verito, and it is an extremely popular sedan among Indian men.

When you buy a used car in Dubai, it is easier to save and pay in cash. You can also look at consumer reports and select a good model. The best way to select and buy a desired car is through the car switch. Another benefit is that, depending on the model, your user car insurance rates are lower than those of a new car. Try CarSwitch, the biggest used car shopping platform in Dubai.

Mild Hybrid (MHEV)

A conventional engine and a battery-powered electric motor are used in mild hybrid automobiles. The car is not powered by the electric motor; rather, it is assisted by it.

Hybrid (HEV)

Hybrid vehicles are powered by two sources of energy. Depending on the speed, they automatically switch between the traditional engine and electric power.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)

Plug-in Hybrids, like Hybrid (HEV) vehicles, have two power sources. Because the batteries are larger, you can travel further. They must be recharged by plugging them into the wall.

All-Electric (BEV)

Cars that are entirely powered by electricity are known as all-electric vehicles. Before you can drive anywhere, they must be recharged.

Commercial car purchasers can take advantage of a rapid depreciation from 20% for new cars in the first year and from around 40% in three years. Lower average vehicle prices also provide a better opportunity to pay in cash or to pay more for your purchase. When you purchase a Dubai Used Car in Dubai, you can rely on CarSwitch, as that is the platform to choose your used car in Dubai.

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