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Browse from 220 of premium used Nissan cars for sale on CarSwitch, your trusted partner in the UAE. Nissan, first introduced in 1933 and popularized by its best design model, the Nissan Skyline GT-R, has retained a stronghold in the 2nd hand car market due to its classic design and exceptional performance. The best-selling model, the Nissan Patrol, features three paramount virtues that set it apar ... Read more t - a robust engine, high durability, and impressive fuel efficiency. One of the unique perks of buying with CarSwitch is the "Smoothest Experience" package, guaranteed to provide you a hassle-free car shopping adventure. All cars on our platform have been thoroughly inspected by our expert mechanics, ensuring you the highest degree of quality and reliability. Plus, we also entertain cars from dealers, widening your choices. As "Your Expert Advisor", we provide in-depth knowledge of every Nissan model available to make sure you choose what fits your needs best. So, for a second-hand Nissan in the UAE, choose CarSwitch, and experience the excellence of a trusted partner.

220 Used Nissan cars for sale in UAE

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2022 Nissan Patrol 4.0L V6 in Dubai

Nissan Patrol 4.0L V6

AED 225,000
2022 40,672 KM
3525 / month
Good price
2017 Nissan Maxima 3.5 V6 in Dubai
2017 100,900 KM
1449 / month
5% off
Great price
2017 Nissan Patrol 4.0L V6 in Dubai

Nissan Patrol 4.0L V6

AED 113,000
2017 126,800 KM
2775 / month
Great price
Top condition
2021 Nissan Patrol 5.6L V8 in Dubai

Nissan Patrol 5.6L V8

AED 235,000
2021 83,700 KM
3682 / month
Great price
2016 Nissan Patrol 5.6L V8 in Dubai
2016 133,000 KM
Good price
2019 Nissan Sentra 1.8L i4 SR in Dubai
2019 57,626 Miles
Great price
2014 Nissan Tiida 1.6L I4 in Sharjah
2014 163,500 KM
5% off
Great price
2017 Nissan Patrol 4.0L V6 in Dubai
2017 156,900 KM
2284 / month
Good price
2021 Nissan Altima 2.5Li4 SL in Dubai
2021 39,054 Miles
799 / month
Great price
2015 Nissan Murano 3.6L V6 in Dubai
2015 197,219 KM
Great price
2018 Nissan X-Trail 2.5L I4 in Dubai
2018 180,600 KM
1140 / month
Good price
2019 Nissan Sunny 1.6L I4 in Dubai
2019 92,000 KM
423 / month
Great price
2018 Nissan Maxima 3.5L V6 in Abu Dhabi
2018 115,115 KM
1112 / month
Great price
2013 Nissan Altima 2.5L I4  in Abu Dhabi
2013 261,916 KM
Great price
2019 Nissan Patrol 4.0 V6 XE Platinum  in Dubai
2019 145,200 KM
1802 / month
22% off
Great price
2014 Nissan Pathfinder 3.5L V6 in Dubai
2014 235,500 KM
Great price
2016 Nissan Micra 1.5L i4 in Sharjah
2016 190,400 KM
Great price
2020 Nissan Patrol 4.0L V6 4WD in Abu Dhabi
2020 48,850 KM
2350 / month
2% off
Great price
2017 Nissan Sentra SV 1.8L I4 in Dubai
2017 38,700 KM
Great price
2022 Nissan Pathfinder 3.5L V6 in Sharjah
2022 9,500 KM
2209 / month
Great price
2014 Nissan Tiida 1.8L i4 in Sharjah
2014 158,400 KM
Great price
Top condition
2023 Nissan Patrol Platinum 4.0L V6 in Dubai
2023 18,500 KM
3509 / month
1% off
Great price
2023 Nissan Altima SR 2.5L i4 in Sharjah
2023 10,800 KM
1300 / month
Great price
2012 Nissan Altima 2.5L I4 in Dubai
2012 168,000 KM

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Used Nissan cars price list in UAE Based on advertising prices posted by sellers on CarSwitch

Used Nissan Starting Price Maximum Price
Nissan Sunny Price in UAE AED 27,000 AED 61,990
Nissan Patrol Safari Price in UAE AED 135,000 AED 285,000
Nissan Patrol Price in UAE AED 62,000 AED 304,990
Nissan Rogue Price in UAE AED 22,000 AED 83,500
Nissan Altima Price in UAE AED 15,000 AED 83,000
Nissan Xterra Price in UAE AED 22,500 AED 118,990
Nissan Kicks Price in UAE AED 29,000 AED 68,000
Nissan Murano Price in UAE AED 14,000 AED 69,000
Nissan Pathfinder Price in UAE AED 17,000 AED 141,000
Nissan Armada Price in UAE AED 44,000 AED 149,750

Recent selling prices of used Nissan cars in UAE Based on actual used car transactions that recently took place in UAE

Recent selling prices
Nissan Selling price
Tiida Base option
2011 249k KM GCC
AED 13,000
Pathfinder Fully Loaded
2015 31k KM GCC
AED 49,000
Patrol Fully Loaded
2020 49k KM GCC
AED 150,000
Armada Base option
2019 60k Miles American
AED 81,000
Rogue Base option
2018 156k Miles American
AED 26,000
Sunny Semi Loaded
2014 205k KM GCC
AED 13,000
Altima Fully Loaded
2017 108k KM GCC
AED 42,000
Patrol Base option
2019 79k KM GCC
AED 126,500
Pathfinder Base option
2014 91k KM GCC
AED 33,000
Tiida Base option
2015 133k KM GCC
AED 12,000
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Nissan car prices in UAE - Free car valuation tool

Considering to buy or sell a Nissan in UAE? Don't make a decision without using our advanced car valuator. Engineered with data from thousands of transactions, this powerful tool provides precise value assessments for any vehicle, including the Nissan. Check the value of the Nissan today and approach your transaction with unmatched confidence and knowledge.

Nissan UAE Line-up Fancy a new Nissan? These are the available options by body type

New Nissan Body type Models

New Nissan cars price list in UAE Here’s what brand new Nissan models will cost you approximately

New Nissan Model Starting Price Maximum Price
Nissan Patrol Price in UAE AED 210,000 AED 398,500
Nissan Kicks Price in UAE AED 71,000 AED 89,500
Nissan X-Trail Price in UAE AED 91,000 AED 148,000
Nissan Altima Price in UAE AED 110,000 AED 146,500
Nissan Sunny Price in UAE AED 61,000 AED 73,500
Nissan Pathfinder Price in UAE AED 158,000 AED 213,500
Nissan Sentra Price in UAE AED 72,000 AED 83,000
Nissan Maxima Price in UAE AED 129,500 AED 166,000
Nissan Xterra Price in UAE AED 104,000 AED 143,000

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Based in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, the Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. is an iconic Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer. The company offers its mind-blowing vehicles under the Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands. Besides, they also offer in-house performance tuning products under its Nismo brand. The origin of the company’s name is traced to the Nissan zaibatsu, now called Nissan Group.

Masujiro Hashimoto founded the Kaishinsha Motor Car Works on July 1, 1911 in Azabu-Hiroo district of Tokyo. It was in 1914 that the company produced its very first car known as the DAT. The name Nissan was first coined in the 1930s. The company initially built trucks along with passenger cars. In 1934, they expanded the automobile parts division and incorporated it as a brand new subsidiary while naming it Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. When Nissan initiated to assemble larger vehicles under the Nissan brand back in 1937, the majority of the design plans as well as plant facilities were outsourced from the Graham-Paige Company. Besides, Nissan also had a Graham license under which several passenger cars, buses, and also trucks were made.

Nissan geared up to expand into worldwide markets in the 1950s. Back then, the company’s management figured out that their Datsun small car line would be able to fill an unmet demand in markets such as Australia and most importantly, the world's largest car market, the United States. It was in 1958 that the company first showed the Datsun Bluebird at the 1958 Los Angeles Auto Show. Nissan carried on improving their sedans with the up-to-date technological progression and chic Italianate styling in several of their sporty cars such as the Datsun Fairlady roadsters, the race-winning 411 series, the Datsun 510 and the Datsun 240Z. In 1966, Nissan opted to merge with the Prince Motor Company as they opted to bring more up-market cars such as the Skyline and Gloria, into its assortment. By 1970, Nissan had proudly become one of the biggest exporters of automobiles across the globe. Whether you are a fan of Nissan Infiniti, and Datsun, car buyers can easily find a broad range of Nissan cars for sale. While keeping in view the popularity of used Nissan cars, you will have more experience when it’s time to sell or buy used Nissan cars in Dubai. However, the question that pops up in mind is what will be used Nissan car prices and that is where Carswitch comes to mind that offers you pre-owned Nissan cars at amazing prices. All you have to do is choose your favorite one and then buy cars on Car Switch to save more. Nissan Electric Cars

Nissan first-ever battery electric vehicle, the Nissan Altra was introduced at the Los Angeles International Auto Show on 29 December 1997. Unveiled in 2009, the awe-inspiring EV-11 prototype electric car was originally based on the Nissan Tiida with the traditional gasoline engine replaced with an all-electric drive-train.

In 2010, the company introduced the Nissan LEAF as the foremost mass-market, all-electric vehicle launched internationally. As of March 2014, it was the world's best selling highway-capable all-electric car ever. The company’s second all-electric vehicle, the Nissan e-NV200, was officially announced in November 2013. It was in June 2016 that Nissan let it be known that the company will introduce its first range extender car in Japan prior to March 2017. The highly anticipated second-generation Leaf was launched in Japan in 2018.

Nissan Autonomous Cars

In August 2013, it was announced by Nissan that the company plans to launch various driverless cars by 2020. Nissan started to install its up-to-the-minute autonomous car technology in a Nissan Leaf all-electric car for demonstration purposes. The car came to limelight at Nissan 360 test drive event held in California back in August 2013. It was in September 2013 that the Leaf fitted with the prototype Advanced Driver Assistance System was given a license plate that successfully allowed it to drive on Japanese public roads. The testing car will be used by Nissan engineers to evaluate how its in-house autonomous driving software performs in the real world. Time spent by Nissan on public roads will make sure to help refine the car's software for full-fledged automated driving. The autonomous Leaf was first demonstrated on public roads for the very first time at a media event organized in Japan in November 2013.

Popular Nissan Models

Nissan Altima

Launched in 1992, Nissan Altima is larger, more powerful, and even more luxurious car as compared to its other models such as Nissan Sentra. The best thing about all Altima models is that they use Nissan's 150 hp (112 kW) KA24DE straight-4 DOHC engine especially mated to a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic with automatic and 8.2 with manual. Some of its options especially include a gold emblem package, molded mud guards, and also an impressive pin-stripe. All amazing models had especially small cup holders under the radio and also small glove-box that were improved in the 1998 redesign. Its fourth generation Altima was sold in various versions of 2.5 Base (Sedan only), 2.5 S, 2.5 S Special Edition (Sedan only), 3.5 SR, and Hybrid (Sedan only).

Nissan Tiida

The first generation of Nissan Tiida produced between 2004 and 2012, the series is designated C11 and was offered as a five-door hatchback and also four-door sedan. This amazing model straddled the subcompact as well as compact car portions. Its first generation engine range included 1.5-, 1.6- and 1.8-liter gasoline engines as well as a 1.5-liter diesel engine. Its first electric prototype vehicle was offered for public display at Nissan's Yokohama headquarters on 8 February 2009. Its second generation, C12 series of the Nissan Tiida was unveiled in April 2011 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Its sales in China started in June 2011. The second generation car is only available as a five-door hatchback car.

Nissan Pathfinder

The awe-inspiring Nissan Pathfinder is a lineup of sport utility vehicles produced by Nissan since 1986, originally offering Nissan's compact pickup truck platform. Its first generation was launched as a two-door body-on-frame SUV, offering styling and most parts with the Nissan Hardbody Truck. The second generation Pathfinder was launched in late 1995 with revised styling using unibody instead of body-on-frame construction. Its engine was also upgraded to the VG33E, with as many as 168 hp (125 kW) and 196 lb⋅ft (266 N⋅m) torque. Its 2005 model was unveiled as a completely redesigned Pathfinder and was unveiled at the 2004 North American International Auto Show.

They have got you covered at Carswitch whether you want to buy any pre-owned Nissan car at an amazing price. Cars for sale on Carswitch are the sweetest affair you will ever come across!

Frequently asked questions

Can I test drive used Nissan cars before buying it in UAE?

Absolutely! At CarSwitch, we believe that a test drive is a crucial part of the car buying process. You are more than welcome to schedule a test drive for any of the Nissan cars listed in UAE and we will coordinate with the seller for the setup! Select your preferred Nissan car in UAE on our website and schedule your test drive.
Some of the most popular used Nissan models available in UAE include the Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Patrol, Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima and Nissan X-trail
Yes, we offer delivery services for used Nissan buys through our website in UAE. We can deliver your car to your doorstep, making the process convenient.
We offer various payment methods for buying a used Nissan in UAE, including cash payments and bank transfers.
The price range for used Nissan in UAE varies depending on the model, year, and condition of the car. Based on the current listings, Nissan car prices in UAE start from AED 15,000 and go up to AED 304,990.
You will need to provide your Emirates ID, driving license, and proof of insurance to buy a used Nissan through CarSwitch. Additional documentation may be required for financing or registration purposes.
Absolutely! At CarSwitch, we encourage direct negotiations between buyers and sellers. If you're interested in a used Nissan car in UAE, you have the flexibility to make a price offer to the seller exclusively through our mobile apps.
CarSwitch is a trusted partner of many leading banks across the UAE for used car valuations and financing options. If you want to finance your Nissan in UAE, you can visit our website at to learn more about the financing options.

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