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All the used cars in UAE on are from private sellers, and so every car is located with its owner. The specific locations in UAE are specified on the website and if you like what you see on the site we can help you get an appointment with the seller to take the car for a spin.

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Used Infiniti Cars

Infiniti in North America was formally launched in 1989 by Nissan. Since its luxury vehicles could not be taken seriously by the mainstream image of Nissan, Infiniti was introduced as a separate subdivision to export luxury and expensive automobiles to the US. Two models, the M30 and the Q45, were initially launched. Each of the vehicles has been improved by existing Nissan technologies and features such as shorter wheelbase platforms. These vehicles were not only visually attractive, but also contained strong four wheel steering engins and an active suspension system, which in the case of Nissan was unheard of. Given its characteristics, the Q45 and the M30 were extremely competitive against leading car companies such as Jaguar, BMW, Cadillac and even Mercedes.

The Official Launch: 1989

By 1989, INFINITI was started by the new division with over 50 dealers across the USA. Two models were available at the beginning. The INFINITI Q45 was a luxury sedan for performance. On the other hand, the INFINITI M30, which offer speed, luxury and an enviable driving experience, was a more driver-oriented solution. The division has also introduced INFINITI Total Ownership, which distinguishes the brand from competitors.

Infiniti Electric Cars:

Following the revelation of its provocative Q Inspiration concept, Infiniti published a statement detailing its plans in the near future for incorporating electrical propulsion in its line-up. From 2021, almost all new models will include a hybrid variant or an EV with the launch of Infiniti's first electric vehicle in the same year.

Infiniti didn't go into its electrification planning in detail, but it confirms that the majority of the new models started in 2021 will be either battery-electric or e-electric. The other is an installation that "powers" the vehicle, but has a gasoline on-board engine that kicks into the car. The latter is a system in which the car is "powered" but has an on-board gasoline engine that starts when the batteries are out of charging and needs to charge.

Infiniti VQ Engine:

The VQ series presents a thriller new V6 engine family. The VQ has been designed as one of Ward's 10 best drives in 14 years for optimal energy, torque and fuel consumption – an outstanding achievement. This is INFINITI Twin Turbo V6's predecessor.

Infiniti Q50:

The Infiniti Q50 was launched in 2013 to replace a 4-door executive sedan, the Infiniti G sedan. The Q50 has a powerful motor and a high-tech interior, but reliability in safety is still high.

The quarter 50 was present for purchase in the US as a models year in the third quarter of 2013 at the 2013 North American International Automotive Show. As the luxury automaker restructured their brand and renamed their car lineup, Infiniti's Q50 was supposed to replace the G-line.

The original Q50 comes with a V6 of 3.7 liters, which is 328 hp. The engine is connected throughout the model line with a 7-speed automatic gearbox.

2014 Infiniti Q50

A couple of changes were made to the outside of the car in 2014. In the end, the car received several style updates, even though the overall design of the car itself remained largely unchanged.

2014 Infiniti Q50L

The distinction between this version and the base model was that the wheelbase was added a little less than two inches. That may not sound like much, but it significantly increased the legroom in the backrest, which has been mentioned by many about the previous models. When it came to that particular car, it wasn't really a question of changing big and sweeping things, but rather of changing something or two at a time to create what people in Infinity felt to be a near- perfect car.

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Infiniti QX50:

This compact crossover seems to have been forgotten in time. Or at least the designers of Infiniti. At the time of the crossover craze, they created it and continued to move on, frustrated by the total design. How else can you explain, in particular for SUV, ten years between redesigns in 2016? It also seems the QX50, before a complete redesign in 2019, took a sabbatical year in 2018! Maybe he didn't want to take care of the all-new QX30 debut.

Infiniti launched QX series second generation in 2016 and updated the model for the 2021 model year in August 2020.

While QX was more like a smaller Brother of the big FX series in the first generation, the second generation looked more like an alternative for the compact premium segment. The crossover in many areas has therefore been improved in terms of comfort and safety. The designers were also required to do some work.

The double-arch grille from outside made the car look larger. A clear declaration on the product quality was the lack of a break between the grille and the hood. The QX50 featured the signature LED headlights of Infiniti design with daylight operation on the edge of the headlamp. A subtle gap on the back of the hood on the top of the bowls allows the heat of the cooling and the aerodynamic to escape from the sides of the automobile.

Inside, the facial lifting and non-face lifting versions were more different. The Pure was all the other versions with the panoramic glass roof in addition to the basic trim level. The dashboard was asymmetrical with a driver emphasis. Two tactile displays were installed on the center stack. Standard for the whole range were Apple Car Play and Android Auto integration. Bose equipment was available as an option for the sound system.

The motor was the first turbo-charged gasoline unit with variable compression. Depending on driver requirements for power or fuel efficiency, the compression ratio was 8:1-14:1.

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Infiniti QX60:

The QX60 has a spacious cabin and can accommodate up to three rows of people. It is also awarded bonus points for a third-row seat, which is comfortable even for adults. Moreover, the QX60 is well-known for its smart cabin with wood trimmings and leather.

The earlier model years, including the generation from 2013-2016, are attractive due to cheaper costs. But the basic engine of the older models is slow, as American News notes. The 2017 version is going to be taken into account for a more sophisticated V6 engine. You will also want to purchase the latest models for the advanced security and infotainment systems that are available.

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