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Max valueGet 10-30% more than any dealer offer!
Quick saleYou set the price so the car sells as fast as you need
Hassle freeWe handle all calls & test drives
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AED 150 for photos, inspection, calls and test drives - an additional fee upon sale


Professional and dedicated staff especially Ms. Aileen she?s focusing on making a loyal customer not just doing a routine job. It's a surprising experience dealing with CarSwitch, I sold my car yesterday and with peace of mind. I dealt with Farhan and he's extremely helpful, professional and knows very well what he's doing. Please keep the good job up.
Farhan was fantastic and knowledgeable, did the transition from seller to buyer in less than an hour
CarSwitch were very professional in all the stages of the selling of my car, from inspection to ad placement to getting the buyer, to visiting and figuring out the RTA Papers!
Thank you carswitch for selling my car. Most easiest way to sell your car with carswitch and with their team, they have great team coordination between buyer and seller, Special thanks to Miss Aileen from carswitch for 100% support and her focus at work. Regards Mohammed Shoaib.
I am very happy with the excellent support and Service from Carswitch staff in selling my car, we had very professional help from Nazar Ghafoor. Seeing how thoroughly they checked my vehicle, I can recommend it to buyers and sellers.
I was amazed with the service provided by Car switch, the car was sold at the price committed by them an i must recommend the efforts of Anthony and Farhan making the process flawless. I would strongly recommend, to use Car switch, the commission paid to them on car sale does benefit you as they take care of the whole transaction by themselves. Very good customer service and immediate sale of car. Thank you, Murtuza
It made the process much easier between me and the seller, starting from the car report they provided to the RTA registration & checks, the car switch agent was very helpful and helped make the transaction a very smooth one, would definitely recommend especially if you?re a first time Buyer or seller .
It was a pleasant experience. From setting up an appointment to meet up schedule thru RTA registration. Everything was done on the same day (if you and the seller agrees to the car condition and process). Registration takes about 1 hour only. So smooth and efficient. Two thumbs up Carswitch and whole crew.
I sold my Jaguar through Carswitch. It was smooth transaction. I only posted add and the rest was taken care by Carswitch. Farhan, Sameer & the team is truly professional. Will recommend this to everyone. Thanks
I recently had my car sold through car switch and it was an absolute ease of mind . From getting me a serious buyer to handing over the keys they were very professional . Especialy "farhan" the after sales guy made sure that everything is processed perfectly and with no hastle. Job well done ???????? .
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How to Sell a Car in Dubai?

Looking to sell a car in Dubai? CarSwitch offers a safe & convenient alternative to classified sites. We manage the whole process for selling your car while you sit back and relax. Now you can get the best price for your car without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would CarSwitch sell my car in Sharjah?

Are you wondering "How to sell cars in Sharjah, UAE"? makes it super simple to get the price you’re looking for, without doing any of the work!

How do you get the best price for your used car? Simple, you set it! Our Switchers will provide guidance on pricing, and you can change it at any time through the app, so that ultimately you’re in full control. From there on, we do all the work on your behalf. Our Specialists will come to you wherever you are in Dubai, AbuDhabi or Sharjah to photograph and run our full inspection. We then advertise your car online through, our social media channels, and other sites, line up buyers, and set up show times to show off your used car. You will sell your car in no time, and for the price that you want! Once we sell your car, we even guide you with the paperwork. The best part? You sell straight to end user buyers so you get the best car prices.

Sell car in Sharjah with ease!

70% of used cars on the CarSwitch sell within two weeks, though many within a few days of posting and others within several weeks. Your price is the primary determinant of how long it will take to sell your car, which you control completely through your CarSwitch seller portal. This portal displays a ton of guidance to help you set the best price, from recommendations based on a thousands of real transactions conducted through CarSwitch to live comparisons of views, calls, and price drop requests versus other comparable cars on the website. Here you can set your price and change it at any time, as well as set your last price to help in any negotiations, and enter our auction platform for instant cash sale if you run out of time. Throughout, our team works tirelessly using this information to filter buyers and sell your car as quickly as possible.

With CarSwitch you set your own price! However, we provide concrete recommendations that account for your specific make, model, mileage, historical data from thousands of transactions conducted through CarSwitch, and the condition of your car based on our inspection. Ultimately, we aim to get best price for your used car for sale in Sharjah, UAE and the testament to that is we let you control it fully.

We do strongly recommend that you follow the price guidance that our Switchers provide. In addition, you can review the performance of your ad compared to other cars on the platform, and reduce your price to get more traction at any time through your seller portal.

Not to worry, we’ll actually join you for the transfer (in most cases) and provide step by step instructions in advance to ensure you’re well prepared. You can read up on how to transfer your car at the RTA.

The CarSwitch inspection is a 1 hour assessment of your used car to gauge its condition. During the inspection our Specialist will take professional photos, examine the interior & exterior, assess the condition of the engine and go on a test drive with you to make sure that the main components in your used car works as they should.

The results of the CarSwitch inspection are displayed online which helps us answer most buyers' questions and only bring you serious buyers! In addition, transparency on the fantastic condition of your car increases your car's price!

The process is easy and hassle free. Our Specialist will visit you anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi and you only need to be present for 10-15 mins, of the full hour, to answer some questions and go for a test drive. Car selling made easy for the busy UAE resident.

We charge AED 150 (+VAT) upfront and take professional photos, conduct the car inspection, advertising, deal with phone calls and filtering car buyers, and attend test drive requests. When we sell your car a success-based fee of AED 1,500-3,000 (+VAT) will apply (depending on the value of your car, but agreed with you up-front) which you can build into your car price. This fee is applicable only if we are able to help you sell your car. We take all the headache for selling your car while you get best price! Your Used Car for Sale in Sharjah will go quickly and without hassle!

We will work hard to help you sell your car in Sharjah or anywhere in UAE. However, if you end up selling your car on your own then our success-based fee won’t apply. In addition, we will still guide you through the process to make sure that the transfer of car ownership at the RTA is a hassle free experience. We only ask that if you post your car on another platform, that you match the listing price you select on CarSwitch to give us a fair shot.

Selling car couldn't be easier!

We can handle it, and do it all the time! You can read our full guide to selling cars under bank financing, but the short version is once your used car has been sold, we’ll arrange for the buyer to pay off the existing bank loan and any remaining cash will be transferred to the seller. We’ll arrange for a legal seller agreement to keep the buyer protected. Trust us. We know how to sell cars in Sharjah :)

Learn all about about how to use seller agreements.

Our primary motivation is to get you the absolute best price possible, and so if you have a couple of days of time we always encourage you to post the car at an attractive price and we’ll secure an end user buyer in no time at all hassle free (as we’ll handle it all from fielding phone calls to attending test drives in your location). In case you simply don’t have the time, we’ll arrange an instant cash offer through our auction platform so you get over and done with in the same day.

Set your own price, and CarSwitch will sell it for you. The #1 rated selling service in Sharjah.
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