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    Interesting facts about Audi cars

    Insider tips from the experts

    Volkswagen is Audi’s parent company.
    Audi is a Latin Word that means ‘listen’.
    The four rings in Audi’s logo symbolize the car manufacturers that came together to form the company’s predecessor.

    About Audi

    Headquartered in Germany, Audi has been designing and manufacturing cars for over a century. The company produces luxury vehicles as well as SUVs. Audi was founded by August Horch in 1909. In fact, the company is named after its founder’s surname, Horch, which means ‘listen’ in German, and when translated into Latin becomes ‘Audi’.

    Audi is a top-selling luxury car brand across the globe. In this segment, Audi competes with Mercedes and BMW, both of which are also Germany-based car manufacturers.

    The company’s first car was released in 1910 and by 1914 Audi had already won three times in the International Austrian Alpine Rally. This brought Audi into the spotlight. In 1932, Audi merged with three other companies, namely Wanderer, Horch, and DKW, to create Auto Union. Audi’s logo comprises four rings each of which represent one of these companies. Auto Union was bought in 1964 by Volkswagen, which still owns Audi. In 1968, the company launched Audi 100, which became highly successful, and around four years later, Audi 80 was released. The brand took another big step forward when Audi Quattro debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1980. It was a 4WD car and made its mark in motorsport events. During the same year, Audi 4000 took the place of Audi Fox. After a few years, Audi 5000’s new and better design helped the company boost its sales. Audi 4000 was also redesigned during this decade. In the 1990s Audi 100 was renamed to Audi A6, and Audi Cabriolet and Audi A4 were also launched. The company also released another flagship vehicle called Audi A8 which was powered by a V8 engine. At the turn of the century, Audi TT was launched. The Audi RS, Audi S, and Audi R8 variants were released for those who look for high-performance vehicles.

    Audi AG also has a motorsport department called Audi Sport. Over the years, the Audi cars have taken part in and won titles at many motorsport events, including World Rally Championship and Le Mans. The company has started selling an EV called Audi e-tron as well, which is a 4WD vehicle with a tremendous towing capacity, and it even comes with a fastback roofline.

    Audi cars have come a long way over the last century and today some of the Audi used cars for sale such as Audi Q7, Audi A5, and Audi Q5 are immensely popular. So, you will be able to easily get the best price when you sell your car in Dubai and UAE

    Popular Audi car models

    Audi Q7

    Audi Q7 has been in production since 2005 and made its debut as the company’s first SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Audi Q7 is now in its 2nd generation that began in 2015 and is available with petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines ranging from 2.0 L to 4.0 L. The 2015 Audi Q7 was revealed at the North American International Auto Show. It received a major facelift for 2020. The athletic version called Audi SQ7 comes with a 4.0 L V8 engine.

    Audi Q5

    Audi Q5 went into production in 2008 and falls into the compact luxury crossover SUV segment. It’s second generation was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. It is a 5-door SUV with powertrains ranging from 2.0 L to 3.0 L. It will be getting a facelift for the 2020 model. From high-tech gadgets to comfort, the 2019 Audi Q5 offers everything you may be looking for in a vehicle in this segment. Audi Q5 is also known for its agility and sporty abilities. Car buyers also have the option to go for the eco-friendlier and more fuel-efficient hybrid version of the vehicle.

    Audi A5

    Classified as a compact executive vehicle, Audi A5 has been produced by the company since 2007. It's available in multiple body types, including sportback, cabriolet, and coupe. The chassis and body of Audi A5 are based on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform. Its 1st generation lasted till 2016, and the second-generation Audi A5 cars are available with diesel, petrol as well as hybrid engines. Besides providing you with all the power you need to accelerate effortlessly, the 2019 Audi A5 also offers great handling, an automatic transmission that’s very responsive, and plenty of space for luggage.

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