What to Do at RTA When You Sell Car in Dubai

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Those who are navigating the process of selling a car in Dubai, UAE know that it can be a very hectic process. It requires a systematic process which includes completing the sale through the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai. However, if you don’t prepare well beforehand, it can result in more hassle and a number of visits to the RTA. CarSwitch.com presents to you a simple checklist which can help you sell car in Dubai without any extra inconvenience. This checklist is not for cars that involve financing. 

Pay off  loans or fines that are outstanding:

Clearing any outstanding fines can be done easily at the time of the transfer. But in case you have a pending loan on your car, do it before you visit the RTA. Banks take a few working days to electronically file loan clearance with the RTA. To make your process simple, follow some simple must do’s of selling your car which includes clearing loans.

Choose a time and RTA location:

To save time, you can opt for an RTA location which has shorter lines or is less crowded. The Al Barsha location of the RTA is a good option as it is open around the clock and has numerous counters. 

Dubai Visa/Ejari for buyer:

To prove that the buyer is a resident of Dubai, he/she needs to bring along their resident visa. If the buyer doesn’t have that, he/she needs to bring along an Ejari contract as a proof of residence. In case, the buyer does not have an Ejari, then the car will need to register the car in the Emirate for which they have a visa.

Car Inspection:

As your car will have to pass an RTA inspection before the transfer of ownership, it is better to get your car inspected beforehand. This way you can also get some repairs done such as replacing worn out tires or faulty brakes. Some repairs can help your car easily pass the RTA inspection. Before getting your car repair, look out for these car repair scams. 

Take your complete documents:

Before you visit the RTA, the buyer and seller should ensure they take along all the relevant documents. The following documents (original and copy) are required:

  • Emirates ID (buyer and seller)
  • Passport and residency visa (buyer and seller)
  • Car’s Mulkiya (sellers only)
  • Driver’s license (buyers only) 
  • Car insurance (buyer only)
  • Transfer cost of around AED 300-400 (buyer only)
License Plate Number:

The seller can keep the license plate number by submitting them to the RTA during the transfer. The RTA will keep the number plate for their car registration in the future. The RTA will also issue a new license plate to the buyer. 

Salik tag:

It is important that the seller takes off the salik tags even if he/she can use them again. If the Salik tag remains and the buyer uses it, the seller will be charged for that. New Salik tags will be issued to the buyer at the RTA. Before using the Salik tags, you should know everything about Salik and its car tags in the UAE.

This is surely a lengthy and tiring process but don’t worry! CarSwitch.com can guide you through it.

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