5 Things to Do When You Sell Any Car in Dubai

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When selling car in Dubai, there are many important tips to look out for. Whether you go to a private dealer, a company or sell privately on your own, there are do’s and don’ts that must be considered! We hope that our CarSwitch.com guide helps you make safe and secure choices!

  1. Be wary of accepting personal cheques: There have been many instances where cheques have bounced and the writer’s identity couldn’t be traced. Make sure that you and the buyer have an honest and open communication about transaction dealings.
  2. Pay off your loans: If you bought your car through a loan installment, then check the loan status immediately to ensure that there is no payment pending. If you have not paid the payment back in full, then the car still belongs to the bank! So, pay off the loans!
  3. Even if the loan is cleared, you still need to go the bank because there is still a “mortgage” on the car. You’ll need to get the loan closed. Your Emirates ID and the car registration card (Malkiya) is required. A fee of 100 AED need to be paid before a release letter can be sent to the RTA. A “release letter” is an electronic code that is sent from the bank to the RTA. The whole process normally takes around 24-48 hours.
  4. Transfer registration of the car to the new buyer through the following steps:
  • Insurance of the car must be terminated. They will require a copy of the new registration card. If the policy is transferable, you will be able to transfer the registration.
  • If the policy is non-transferable, the buyer has to get their own insurance cover.
  • Both the parties would have to visit Eppco Tasjeel Centre to get the car tested.
  • A transfer form has to be filled out so that a new registration card can be issued.
  1. Car advertising: There is a law in Dubai that disallows car advertising by putting a notice on the car window. The practice is considered illegal and your car can be confiscated. There are a few outlets, though, where advertising can be done such as:

Every step of the way, you must make sure that every transaction and dealing is done in a flexible and honest way. Given the right guidance, you will start to become aware of car selling scams and fraudsters! For more tips, check out our seller guides on Carswitch.com.

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