Scariest Types of Drivers in Dubai

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Had a bad day on the road? Tired of dealing with road rage and careless driving! Well don’t just yet sell car in Dubai and opt for public transport. Identifying bad and scary drivers can give you an insight into spotting and reporting them. Keep reading to learn about some of their characteristics.

Newbies: These are drivers who have recently taken up the wheel and want to prove their skills on the road. Their absolute neglect for traffic laws and a tendency to hit the accelerator surpasses the ordinary. If there is one advice for them it is to curb their enthusiasm and show respect to others on the road.

Tantrum Mania: These drivers are waiting for the slightest mistake by anyone else on the road to allow them to unleash the beast of their bad temper. They will not overlook even a small mistake because their passive aggressive self had been waiting for a mistake to happen so they could use their now utterly fatigued car horn.

Slow Reflex:  These drivers tend to be nervous and do not know how to handle abrupt situations. They take their sweet time to master the art driving techniques including parking, reversing, crossing and for some even maintaining lowest speed limits. Patience is your only surviving grace.

Space Stealers: Any good driver would know that the space of other drivers needs to be respected, but not space stealers who do not understand the very definition of distance. Whether it be tailgating, cutting lanes or stealing parking spots anything is expected from these types of bad drivers.

Now that you know what bad drivers look like, instead of  hastily selling car in Dubai and using public transportation, adopt a proactive approach towards dealing with them. UAE has very strict laws governing the roads and you should seek RTA’s support in case of an unpleasant incident. In case of other car related issues visit and get rid of all your car related woes.