VAT Calls for Awareness of Car Fraud

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With the implementation of the value added tax (VAT) from 1st January 2018, the prices of cars have jumped up by 5%. The price hike caused a rush in the UAE market of people buying new cars and selling used cars towards the end of 2017. So, when selling car in Dubai, sellers need to understand the current situation before making any decision in haste. You should also be aware of car selling scams! Here are valuable tidbits that car sellers need to know before selling their cars, privately or through dealers!

Be aware of rubber cheques paid to car sellers.

Dubai police has registered many complaints against scammers who hoodwinked the car sellers through bounced or dud checks. The fraudsters tricked mostly unaware car sellers and convinced them on a check as the only mode of payment.

Be watchful of the history of car selling scams

As of february 2018, there have been 74 cases of fraud and 24 arrested for car sale fraud in Dubai! The car selling scams are seen to be particularly rampant in areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This widespread car fraud calls for every car seller to don their detective goggles!

The scandalous 2.3 billion dirhams car scam in UAE

This infamous case that shook the emiratis to its very core allegedly involved a total of 37,000 people with around 50 people arrested! The accused posed as car dealers and conned investors by giving them dud checks in return for their cars. It was a fraudulent business that was run with scamming intentions. This calls for an even greater transparency in buyer-seller interactions.

The rundown on classified websites

There are many ways that are taken up by fraudsters to target vulnerable car sellers. One of these is through classified websites. The problem with classified websites is that the there is no filter that can differentiate genuine buyers from scammers. Anyone with sketchy intentions can make an account and contact sellers. This is why selling a car through classified websites can be a risky proposition!! That’s why at we handle the entire process to ensure the buyers and sellers stay safe! For more information on how to safely sell car in Dubai, check out our additional car selling guide on

The safest way to sell car in Dubai?

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