Trading in Your Car Versus Selling Privately

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Trading in Your Car Versus Selling Privately
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Going to a dealer to trade in your old car to buy a new one in Dubai is pretty common. All you have to do is sign a few papers and get a brand new car. But just because it is convenient doesn’t mean that it is the right option financially. will give you the low-down on trading in your car versus selling car in Dubai privately! Let the battle begin!

There are some pros of going to a dealer to to trade in your old car for a brand new one, convenience being one obvious reason. Trading in your old car for a new one becomes especially tempting when you’re pressed for time. Trading in allows you to sell your car to the dealer quickly and use that payment as a down payment for the purchase of your new car. You simply have to pay off what is left. But before you consider trading-in, have a look at the following cons!

  • Sketchy dealers: You can obviously expect a higher price if your car is not weathered a lot, save for a few scratches. But more often than not, the price paid by the dealer is less than the actual worth of the car. So, you could potentially lose some money over a measly offer.
  • Dealers don’t consider the maintenance costs: It is a tough job to keep a vehicle in a good condition. But when a used car is traded in, dealers do not generally consider the amount used in the car’s upkeep. Cost of tune-ups such as new tyres, paint job or repair work are costs that are not recovered!
  • Dealer margins: Since you are not selling the car directly to a buyer, the dealer will charge a commission, of course. Paying extra to unscrupulous intermediaries when you don’t know how much they are going to dupe out of you is an inevitable consequence of dealing with dealers!
  • Limited transparency: The price being offered to you for your used cars is not always 100% clear, as often dealers will position standard discounts on the new car as a part of the offer for your used cars. This is simply positioning, so we always recommend haggling over the price of the car you are buying to identify its true value after discounts. Only then is it clear what you’re actually being offered for your used car.

Selling car privately may be more of a hassle but your car can be valued at 20-30% more than at a dealer’s shop. Since you deal directly with the end user, there are no middleman margins that you have to worry about.

But selling a car on your own can prove demanding as well. Repair costs on the car could be pretty high. Simply giving the car a wash and a dash of vanilla fragrance may not cut it. Depending on how worn-down your car is, you may have to loosen your purse strings in getting a few items fixed!

With so many scams happening these days, selling car in Dubai can be very challenging! You don’t know what you could be getting yourself into. Fraudsters lurking in the market may cause you to lose tens of thousands of dirhams in no time!

At, you can avoid the scam as well as the hassle! No more sketchy dealers or “shady middleman”. We protect both the buyers and sellers through transparent transactions. Not only are the cars checked and warrantied, but you also buy directly from the owner. What’s best is you also don’t have to bother with all that pesky paperwork! Talk about making the switch without a hitch!