5 Best Tips for Car Drivers on Sandy Dubai Drives!

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the do's and don'ts of sandy driving in dubai
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Sandy drives are fun to be a part of but when so many vehicles are driving in the same area the place is bound to get crowded. Drivers can get awfully impatient and unfortunate incidents can occur. Not only does the car crowding look like a showroom of used cars for sale in Dubai but it is also a catalyst for nasty car fights. In such cases, knowing the do’s and don’ts can come in handy!

  1. Your vehicle must be in good shape

Make sure that your car is in the best condition possible before heading out to the sandy surfaces. A flat tire? Fix it. A bad wheel job? Get a better one. Have your car checked by a credible professional before heading out. The better the condition of your car is, the lesser the chances of it getting stuck in the sand.

  1.     Relax if you do get stuck

If you do get stuck, don’t worry. In most cases, recovery can be done quite simply. Re-check the pressure of your tires. The increase in tyre pressure changes the tyre’s footprint and makes it difficult to drive around. So, if you do find yourself in a bit of a “stucky” situation, check your tyre pressure before asking for help.

  1.     Let the air out

If you find that that pressure indeed is the problem, then drop the pressure levels in the tyres. Much lower than the levels you would use on the pavement. Around 12-15 psi is good enough. Letting the air out inflates the tyre’s footprint, allowing it to glide on the sand instead of rooting out a trench.

  1.    Avoid sharp turns

Wheels take a lot of push when taking a turn as compared to going straight. Driving on sand and taking frequent turns is a double no. If your wheels start getting stuck then start straightening them out before taking a turn again.

  1.   Don’t try to drive yourself out

If you get stuck in the mud, try not to spin your tyres. The spinning motion causes the wheels to stick further in the sand. In such cases, drop the pressure levels immediately. Wetting the sandy surface to lift the tyres is also a great option.

The most important thing to remember is not to panic and relax. Driving on a sandy surface requires even greater car expertise than driving on the pavement. We hope you will give these tips a try to make things easier and safer for you. For more driving hacks, check out CarSwitch.com on how to tackle driving when driving on the dangerous detours of Dubai.

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