5 Survival Tips for Car Drivers on the UAE Roads

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Driving around the UAE can be a nightmare! No wonder the region has one of the highest rates of road fatalities in the Middle East. There are plenty of less considerate drivers out there who don’t mind cutting in front, changing lanes without indicating, and just driving rashly in general. So, how can you act responsibly and stay safe in such chaotic road conditions? CarSwitch experts have some helpful pointers for you here. Take a look.

Keep your distance: Make sure you maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. This will give you plenty of time for an emergency stop should anything unforeseen happen. Always follow the 3-second rule, folks!

Be in your limits: With all the supercars we have here in the UAE, keeping to speed limits can be quite a task. Now you might be one of those responsible drivers who stick to the limits but that doesn’t mean that all the other drivers out there are the same. If another driver is not driving responsibly and wants to overtake you, let them.

Take a look around: We all know that turning on headlights at night time is an essential part of responsible driving but not all drivers are careful. So make sure you are not one of those inconsiderate drivers and be aware of other cars who might not follow the rules. Before switching lanes or making a turn, be vigilant and constantly look all around you. Speeding up at night? Make sure that the road ahead of you is clear and be wary of speeding fines.

Stay in line: In the UAE, you would be breaking a rule if you try to overtake another vehicle on a single-lane road. So be a good driver, follow the traffic and stay in your own lane to avoid any unnecessary violations. There will always be those who break the rules so be prepared by checking your blind spots and side mirrors every time you switch lanes or turn into an exit. And watch out for those motorists speeding up past you on the hard shoulder!

Avoid abrupt shifts: Travelling on the Sheikh Zayed Road we have all seen drivers whizzing in and out of lanes and causing confusion for the other drivers. Don’t we all just hate that? Try to avoid switching lanes unnecessarily and stay in the right lane on a highway. Switch lanes only if you need to overtake or turn towards an exit and give the proper indication beforehand. Don’t be one of those drivers who switch lanes abruptly!

We hope you will follow these tips when driving to make things easier and safer on the Dubai roads. If you are looking for used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE with some cool safety and driver assist features, give CarSwitch a try. You won’t be disappointed!