5 Car Scams That Can Cost You Thousands in the UAE!

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scams on used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE
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While you’re searching for great deals, be on the lookout for deals which are too good to be true! Almost every week there is a story in the Dubai newspapers about some poor victim of a car scam. If you are thinking of checking out used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE, be careful! You could be losing tens of thousands of dirhams in no time! Here are 5 scams you need to watch out for.

  1. Vanishing Deposit: Is the seller demanding an upfront deposit? Cue the warning bells! There’s a good chance of your deposit disappearing along with the seller. Whenever paying any money, ask for a copy of the Emirates ID and a proper receipt. That won’t protect you fully but at least you have some chance of recovering your money from a swindler.
  1. The Bogus Escrow!: Don’t ever pay a seller before the transfer of ownership, even if you are getting the vehicle at a bargain price. Read up on tips to easily transfer your car in the UAE. The seller might direct you to deposit money in an escrow account. Once the money is transferred, there is a chance the seller might “disappear” on you along with the vehicle. Hand over cash only while at the Road & Transport Authority (RTA) AFTER the vehicle’s ownership has been transferred.
  1. Loan Con: If a car has outstanding finance on it, the real owner is still the finance company. A seller asking you to pay off the lease is a big red flag! Do this ONLY if the seller gives you power of attorney specific to that car for transferring it in your name and hands over the keys at the finance company office. Don’t be conned into clearing the loan for another car. Get the car’s status verified through an RTA inspection before paying off the loan!
  1. Expiring Warranty: You might be willing to pay a bit extra for a car under warranty. However, the warranty can be canceled on many grounds and may have even expired. Do check with the dealer first if the warranty is indeed valid and transferable.
  1. Lemon Con: It’s okay to be somewhat suspicious when buying used cars in Dubai, UAE. It could be a salvaged vehicle, repaired after a major accident. Worse yet, the car’s odometer might have been tampered with to show a lower mileage. Finalize a deal only after getting the car thoroughly inspected!

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