Everything You Need to Know About Salik and Its Car Tags in the UAE

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Salik is Dubai’s automated free-flowing toll system adopted to streamline traffic flow. By removing physical barriers such as toll collectors and toll booths, this state-of-the-art system enables you to travel at normal highway speeds without stopping anywhere. Every time you pass through a Salik gate, a toll of AED 4 is automatically deducted from your prepaid account. The experts at CarSwitch have prepared this guide to make it easy for you to navigate the process of buying, charging and using the Salik tag.

  • How to buy a new Salik tag: You can buy a Salik tag for AED 100, out of which AED 50 is added to your Salik account. You can purchase your Salik tags conveniently from RTA Customer Service Centers, selected branches of gas stations including Emarat, EPPCO/ ENOC or ADNOC, and Dubai Islamic Bank or Emirates NBD Bank. You can even purchase your Salik tag online. After purchasing the tag, register it on the Salik system using the correct information.

  • Salik gate locations: In total, there are six Salik gates in Dubai:
    • Al-Garhoud Gate: E11, before Garhoud Bridge
    • Al Maktoum Gate: Before Al Maktoum bridge
    • Al Safa Gate: E11, near Business bay
    • Mamzar Gate: E11, near Mamzar beach
    • Al Barsha Gate: E11, near Mall of the Emirates
    • Airport Tunnel Gate: On the north side of the airport tunnel

  • Fixing a Salik tag: The Salik tag should be installed on your windscreen or rear-view mirror. Before you peel the cover of your tag to paste it, make sure the glass is clean. Once it’s installed, it won’t come off without getting damaged, so your first attempt needs to be flawless.

  • Recharge your tag on the go: You can recharge your Salik account electronically or using a recharge voucher. Vouchers can be easily purchased from petrol stations. Other options to recharge include using the mobile phone app and visiting the Salik website to pay online.

  • Deactivate the tag before selling the vehicle: In case you decide to sell your car in Dubai, UAE, make sure you remove the tag and deactivate it through your Salik account immediately. If you don’t do so, money will be deducted from your account whenever the buyer takes the car through a Salik gate.

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