How to Price Your Car to Sell in Dubai?

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Looking to sell car in Dubai, UAE? To state the obvious, the price is the primary determinant of how quickly you can sell your car. If you set your car’s price too high, you may have to wait for months before getting a phone call from a buyer. On the other hand, setting the price too low would lead to a quick sale but would leave money on the table. The experts at CarSwitch have put together some valuable tips for car sellers to set the right price for their used car.

  • Compare with similar cars: Make sure the price of your car is realistic. An easy and quick way to check the market value of your car is to browse through and see how other similar cars have been priced. While comparing, make sure you compare with car’s with the same age, condition, features, and mileage. No comparing apples and oranges or Land Cruiser VXR and Land Cruiser GXR 🙂 Or you could use CarSwitch’s handy car valuator.
  • Charge for car’s unique features: While it is usually better to align the car’s price with its market value, you can set it a bit higher if your car has custom features like navigation or premium tinting which you may have added after buying the car.
  • Account for your car’s condition: Even a used car can look as good as new. If your car is in a flawless condition and there are no mechanical and cosmetic faults, then you can bump up the price higher than the car’s average selling price in the market. Since worn down used cars don’t get good offers, you should consider fixing and revamping your car before bringing it to the market. In addition, keep a record of your car’s service history and share it with buyers.
  • Leave room for negotiation: Most buyers in the UAE like to haggle. If you set your car’s price too low, then there might not be enough room for negotiations. So, try to set the price a little higher than the market value of your car.
  • Use charm prices: Instead of setting a rounded price like AED 50,000, quote a slightly lower figure like AED 49,900. Doing so would make the price look much lower. Studies indicate that consumers tend to focus on the leftmost number. This trick is practiced by car sellers and retailers around the world.

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