What Is the Best Time to Sell Your Car in the UAE?

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Many people don’t realize the importance of selling their car at the right time.You can lose or gain thousands of dirhams, depending on the time when you sell car in Dubai, UAE. However, it is often not easy to figure out the right time to sell the car, especially if you are selling a used car in Dubai. To make this an easy decision for car sellers in the UAE, CarSwitch.com pros have compiled a list of factors that should be kept in mind while selling.

  1. Avoid the holiday season: While it may seem counterintuitive, given that people tend to have more money on hand during the holiday season, it’s generally a good idea to avoid selling your car at this time. This is because a large portion of the population in the UAE is here for work and most of them go back home to spend their holidays. Instead of just one buyer, It is better to have a larger audience available when you are selling your used car.
  2. Wait if the manufacturer is running a promotion: At least once a year, automakers in the UAE run special promos on their cars. These can include low monthly installments, extended warranty, zero down payment, and free insurance. A buyer is unlikely to make a good offer while such deals are available. These times also tend to coincide with the holiday season (e.g., Eid, Ramadan).
  3. Sell your car before its warranty / service contract expires: Most car manufacturers in the UAE offer a standard warranty of at least three years. If the car you want to sell still has a valid warranty, try selling it as quickly as possible. A vehicle with warranty is a very attractive option for people who want to buy a second hand car because they know that you are not hiding any issues as they would be covered by the warranty.
  4. Sell the vehicle before the next model is out: Manufacturer’s tend to change the shape of the car every 5-7 years. Older-shaped cars lose a lot of value once the new shape is out. So try to sell your car well before the shape change. Keep in mind that 2017 model cars are actually out in Q3 2016!
  5. Don’t sell your car in a hurry: People who are pressed for time often sell their car at a price that is much lower than its actual value. Learn more about car valuation, here. While there are some situations when sellers have to sell their car urgently, many people make the mistake of waiting till the last moment and then step into the process unprepared. It is always better to set the price and advertise at least a couple of months before you need to sell the car so that you have ample time to negotiate with the buyer.
What is the best way to buy and sell cars in Dubai, UAE?

Be sure to buy or sell your car through an online platform like CarSwitch.com instead of a traditional dealership as doing so would help you avoid hassles and save a lot of time and money. Another benefit is that such platforms offer a transparent process. 

Which cars have the best resale value in the UAE? 

Did you know that a used car in Dubai can depreciate by 20 – 30 percent during the first year? However, some cars are better at retaining their value. For example, Nissan Patrol can retain 85 to 88 per cent of its value after a year. So, invest in cars with a good resale value as it will make it easier for you to sell them to a buyer at a good price when you decide to switch. A study by CarSwitch.com revealed that used cars in the UAE with the best resale value are Nissan Patrol, Lexus IS, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Camry, Nissan Sentra, Honda Accord, and Ford Edge.   

What is the greatest selling car brand in Dubai? 

In another study, CarSwitch.com analysed a lot of data to find out the best selling user car brands in Dubai. Toyota Land Cruiser was the most popular car brand followed by Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Yaris, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Sentra, and Nissan Sunny. 

Which is the best website to sell a car in Dubai? 

Not sure when or how you should sell your car in Dubai, UAE? Let CarSwitch help you in selling your car at the best price. You are selling straight to the buyer so you get the most value for your car. Ready for a switchin’ experience? Sit back and let us help you get the most value for your car.

CarSwitch.com can also arrange a specialist to inspect your car. This way, you’d be able to share a detailed inspection report with the buyer to make it easier for them to reach a decision. CarSwitch.com’s free car valuation tool can also help you get a fair estimate for your car. 

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