Noisy Vehicles Will Be Fined in Abu Dhabi!

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Noisy used cars in Abu Dhabi will be fined !
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Abu Dhabi Police has released a warning for noisy motorists. Those revving up the engines of their used cars in Abu Dhabi and creating disturbances shall incur a fine of AED 2,000 and 12 black points. gives you the full update.

On Wednesday, Abu Dhabi Police released a video to warn noisy motorists with revved up engines to not create disturbances in residential areas.

Drivers who exceed 95 decibels will be liable to pay the fine. To catch these motorists, radars have been installed in numerous parts of Abu Dhabi. For perspective, consider the fact that Dubai Municipality has set the noise limit at 55 decibels for construction work,  bird calls are around 44 decibels, and the noise from a large electrical transformer can be 55 decibels.

The installed radars measure vehicles noise produced by vehicles in decibels and capture video and audio of the violators. As per Article 20 of Federal Law, vehicles that exceed 95 decibels are liable to pay AED 2,000 and get 12 black points. Along with this, these cars will be confiscated for up to six months. 

Director of the Traffic Control Department, Lt. Col. Khalifa Al Khaili, said that noisy vehicles create noise pollution as well as distract other drivers which can cause accidents. Moreover, it can also cause accidents by leading vehicles off the course. Additionally, distracted drivers are liable to pay a fine and get black points as well. 

He urged drivers, especially young motorists, to keep noise levels low and avoid causing inconvenience to others on the road by excessive acceleration and honking. He also added that drivers should not honk excessively around schools and hospitals. 

So, drivers of used cars in Abu Dhabi, be mindful of this to avoid fines. Stay connected to for latest car news alerts!

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