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Fair price
2020 Infiniti QX50 2.0L I4 Turbo  in Abu Dhabi
2020 102,500 KM
1418 / month
Good price
2019 Hyundai Veloster 2.0L I4 in Dubai
2019 39,000 Miles
815 / month
5% off
Great price
2017 Mercedes S400 3.0L TC V6 in Dubai
2017 105,000 KM
3536 / month
Good price
2016 Range Rover Autobiography SV 5.0L V8 in Dubai
2016 57,500 KM
7133 / month
Great price
Top condition
2020 Mercedes S450 3.0L V6 TC in Dubai
2020 92,000 KM
3368 / month
Great price
2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve 2.7L V6 in Dubai
2019 63,500 KM
1857 / month
Great price
2018 Infiniti Q50 2.0L Turbo  in Dubai
2018 160,900 KM
922 / month
6% off
Great price
2023 Renault Megane 1.6L I4 in Dubai
2023 44,000 KM
Fair price
2021 RAM 1500 Lone Star 5.7L V8 in Dubai
2021 65,000 Miles
1551 / month
Great price
2019 Infiniti QX70 3.7L V6 in Dubai
2019 126,800 KM
1128 / month
6% off
Good price
2023 BMW X5 3.0TC I6 in Dubai

BMW X5 3.0TC I6

AED 309,000
2023 21,502 KM
4841 / month
Great price
2017 BMW 540 3.0L.Twin Turbo I6 in Dubai
2017 154,000 KM
2357 / month
Good price
2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce 1.8L TC I4 in Dubai
2018 64,000 KM
1083 / month
Good price
2016 Kia Optima 2.0L I4 in Dubai

Kia Optima 2.0L I4

AED 31,500
2016 195,700 KM
1124 / month
5% off
Great price
2016 Porsche Macan S 3.0L V6 in Dubai
2016 113,400 KM
3995 / month
Great price
2018 Ford Mustang 2.3L TC I4 in Dubai
2018 53,500 Miles
1140 / month
Great price
2023 Range Rover HSE 4.4L V8 TC in Dubai
2023 16,000 KM
10599 / month
Great price
2019 GMC Terrain 1.5L i4 TC in Dubai
2019 120,900 KM
932 / month
5% off
Great price
2013 Porsche Cayenne 3.6L V6 in Dubai
2013 148,500 KM
Great price
2013 Lexus LX570 5.7L V8 in Dubai

Lexus LX570 5.7L V8

AED 138,500
2013 158,100 KM
Fair price
2019 Hyundai Tucson 2.4L i4 in Dubai
2019 93,500 Miles
642 / month
18% off
Great price
2018 Ford F150 Rapture 3.5L TC V6 in Dubai
2018 149,000 KM
2660 / month
Great price
2019 Peugeot 3008 2.0TC I4 in Dubai
2019 78,309 KM
1081 / month
9% off
Great price
2014 Cadillac ATS 3.6LV6 in Dubai

Cadillac ATS 3.6LV6

AED 32,000
2014 91,104 KM

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Frequently asked questions

What does charge for buying a used car?

CarSwitch provides dedicated assistance throughout the car-buying process and charges a minimal admin fee. Every used car on the website is either owned and sold by private sellers or certified dealers in the UAE. can connect you with partners for insurance and transfer of ownership.
All the used cars in UAE on are from private sellers, and so every car is located with its owner. The specific locations in UAE are specified on the website and if you like what you see on the site we can help you get an appointment with the seller to take the car for a spin.
All the second hand cars on are from private sellers who set their own prices, and may reduce them from time to time. If you have your heart set on a particular car then just set a price drop notification on the site and you will be automatically notified you when the seller lowers the price of your dream used car. You can even set a price limit there which we pass to the seller in case they would like to extend an offer . If you’re looking for some specific tips to how to best negotiate the price while buying a used car in the UAE, check our expert advice here does not provide financing itself, but has partnered with several banks to offer bank financing to our buyers. We’ll certainly advise and guide you throughout the process, and for a nominal fee we can issue the valuation certificate banks will require. Learn the A-Z of Car financing from the CarSwitch experts.
The cheapest used car for sale in UAE is priced at AED 9000, based on the current inventory data.
The most expensive used car in UAE is priced at AED 2800000, based on the current inventory data.
Based on the current inventory data by CarSwitch,
Mercedes has 336 used cars in UAE
Bmw has 266 used cars in UAE
Nissan has 260 used cars in UAE
Toyota has 207 used cars in UAE
Ford has 189 used cars in UAE
The choice of the car varies from person to person based on various factors like the driving style, the daily usage, engine size, seat capacity and the transmission option.
In Sedans, dodge charger is considered the best cars by people in UAE, this is based on the number of inquiries received at
In SUV, jeep grand-cherokee is considered the best cars by people in UAE, this is based on the number of inquiries received at
In Hatchback, volkswagen golf is considered the best cars by people in UAE, this is based on the number of inquiries received at

Buy Used Cars in the UAE With Confidence

Need help buying used cars in the UAE? After all, there are so many factors to consider in shortlisting preowned cars in the UAE. The good news is CarSwitch will hold your hand throughout the entire process making buying used cars for sale in the UAE hassle-free! Cheap cars for sale in the UAE is now a new word on the street with these platforms as they can easily help you with buying used cars in the UAE at discounted prices.

Let’s be honest, the used car in the UAE market is so diverse but we need platforms to make the most of it. That is where Carswitch comes into play as they make used cars for sale in Dubai an easy undertaking. Gone are the days when pre-owned cars used to be rather too difficult to exchange as you can easily sell or buy used cars easily. In other words, the UAE used cars market is truly revolutionized with finding used car prices in the UAE becoming so easier.

Used cars that come with peace of mind

All the cautionary tales surrounding second-hand used cars in the UAE can make buyers a bit wary. But with CarSwitch, you can put all your worries to rest as we take care of everything for you so that you don’t face any shady transactions, sketchy conversations, or end up with a dud. On CarSwitch, you will find used cars for sale in the UAE that are certified with results of their detailed inspection report displayed online. You can even get an extended warranty for extra comfort! The UAE customers are guaranteed a reliable car that has been thoroughly inspected and meets CarSwitch’s high-quality standards.

Comparison shopping has never been easier

We make it easy for you to search and compare the best second-hand cars in the UAE that meet your exact requirements in terms of brand, price, mileage, transmission type, and model-year. We host all the major brands including Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, Jaguar, Honda, BMW, Ford, GMC, Porsche, and so much more. Everyone, with a full photo gallery of the cars as well as details about features and a full inspection report. It’s an easy way to find the best-used car price in the UAE and save a lot of money.

Let us do all the work

At CarSwitch, we will handle every step of your buying process while you sit back and relax. Free of charge! You won’t have to make any calls, schedule appointments, or bargain. We’ll even connect you with our partners for preferred rates and assistance to get your insurance, financing, and transferring ownership. From dealing with the sellers to guiding you with the paperwork, our Switchers will take care of everything. Just buy or sell a car with us and you will come back to us again and again.

Since there are so many makes and models available in the market, it can be challenging to find the right car that matches your exact needs in terms of budget, condition, and features. What’s more, it’s never a good idea to rush into a major decision. So be sure to use CarSwitch to buy used car in the UAE in an easy, fast, and hassle-free way.

Used Cars in UAE

There are currently 3064 available used cars in UAE for sale. Based on the current inventory, Used cars price in UAE starts from AED 9000 and goes up to AED 2800000.
These used cars for sale in UAE are uploaded by Individuals and Dealers users.
There are also 2205 certified used cars for sale in UAE available on CarSwitch which are pre-inspected and approved by our car experts.
The number of used cars by dealers in UAE is 859.

Used car price in UAE

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price
Used Honda City Price in UAE AED 18,500 AED 61,000
Used Volvo XC90 Price in UAE AED 73,000 AED 309,900
Used Cadillac Escalade Price in UAE AED 145,000 AED 510,000
Used Mercedes G63 AMG Price in UAE AED 120,000 AED 1,350,000
Used MG One Price in UAE AED 84,000 AED 84,000
Used Hyundai Tucson Price in UAE AED 29,500 AED 86,990
Used Toyota Veloz Price in UAE AED 80,900 AED 80,900
Used Forthing T5 EVO Price in UAE AED 86,000 AED 86,000
Used Land Rover Defender Price in UAE AED 249,000 AED 430,000
Used Changan CS35 Price in UAE AED 21,500 AED 61,999

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