Volkswagen and Ford Join Hands to Make Commercial Vehicles!

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Volkswagen AG and Ford motor Co have an alliance in the works to develop a wide range of commercial vehicles, particularly electric vehicles. This is a move that would help two of the world’s biggest auto giants to meet strict environmental guidelines.  We hope that the merger gives us another reason to sell car in Dubai and invest in the soon to come Ford-Wagen hybrid!

The alliance, however, won’t affect exchange of equity or cross ownership, the companies relayed in a joint statement on Tuesday. The automakers didn’t give a specific timeline for when they will officially launch their “Hybrid brand”, but instead said that they “will provide updates and details as things progress.”

Car manufacturers across the world are looking for ways to trim expenses by teaming to develop environment-friendly vehicles such as electrified cars and models. Starting with Tesla, many car companies, including Porsche, Hyundai and Mercedes are focusing on developing environment-friendly cars. The trend is now seen more prominently with regulations becoming more tight as cities such as Paris and Shanghai look for ways to improve air quality.

The UAE has played its part as well. During the World Future Energy Summit, it was concluded that the UAE is committed to be on the verge of mass adoption of low-emission vehicles as it aims to embrace electric vehicles as much as possible. Dubai is also committed to the success of electric vehicles. You can get a free parking slot if you own a hybrid car in Dubai!

With the rising demand of delivery of goods as a result of online shopping, this alliance can be a great way to both profit as a business and serve the increasing needs of commercial car consumers.

Volkswagen’s head of strategy, Thomas Sedran said that the alliance would “boost the competitiveness of both companies worldwide”. It does make sense from a business point-of-view as both automakers have their own legions of brand followers and solidified positions in commercial vehicle segments.

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