Free Parking Slots for Eco-Friendly Vehicles in Dubai!

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Free parking slots for Eco-Friendly Vehicles in Dubai!
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If you own an electric or hybrid car in Dubai, UAE, we have great news for you! RTA has given us all yet another reason to sell car in Dubai and invest in an electric vehicle. According to the recent announcement made by RTA, Dubai will now have 70 free parking spots for eco-friendly cars in 40 paid parking zones in Dubai.

These parking spaces are not confined to any one area and will be established in high traffic areas. Main areas that are expected to have these zones are Sheikh Zayed Road, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Trade Centre Area, Central Business Districts and Jumeirah Street.

To make these spots easily distinguishable, they will be painted with a green frame and ‘Environment Friendly Vehicles Only’ written in both English and Arabic. Along with it, the maximum number of hours for which the spot can be occupied will also be given. These parking spaces can be occupied with one car for a time period of 4 hours. Moreover, used cars which are not eco-friendly will be fined for parking in these spots.

These parking spaces have been designated as the first phase of Dubai’s Green Mobility Initiative. The objective of this is to promote the use of zero-emission vehicles and contribute towards creating a healthy environment. On top of that, RTA plans to ensure that at least 50% of the taxi car fleets in the UAE consist of green cars. Previously, RTA had launched Tesla taxi cars to promote this cause. Moreover, with zero annual renewal fee, free registration and a free Salik tag, hybrid car technology seems to be a worthwhile investment.

Starting with Tesla, many other companies have adopted the idea of electric cars such as Porsche, Mercedes and Hyundai. Recent additions to the list of electric cars are the 2019 Hyundai Electric Kona and Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, whereas Mercedes will be launching its electric saloon by 2020.

These reasons make a compelling case for you to buy car in Dubai and get in those free spots. For that, visit which will provide you with a hassle-free buying and selling experience!