All-New 2018 Ford Expedition Now in Dubai: Better than Before, with Greater Speeding Chops!

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Ford Expedition, Buying car in Dubai
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Great news for all Ford-ists out there! The all new-Ford Expedition has outclassed its opponents in stats and spec levels. Nothing comes close to this SUV in terms of value for money and pure merit. Consider this bad boy when buying car in Dubai!

Ford’s new generation SUV is the star of its SUV line-up. The model is decked with many cutting edge and state of the art technologies that make it a far superior member to its predecessor in the three row, full-size SUV clan. The 2018 Expedition’s exterior structure is entirely new and the engine across the range is a 3.5 litre, Ecoboost twin turbo V6 which has the best economy power. The high-topping platinum model revs out a tough 400 hp with a 650 Nm torque. This gives it a powerful edge over other V8 powered competitors such as the 6.2 litre GMC Yukon and the 5.7 litre Toyota Land Cruiser.

Ford Expedition Exterior, Buying car in Dubai
Ford Expedition Exterior

The expedition packs on some ultra-modern tech with a lightweight, aluminium body on frame chassis, a 10-speed transmission and an all-new electronic differential model with smart 4WD. The combo provides the SUV with the best traction.

Another reason why this fittingly named SUV would be a great choice when buying car in Dubai is that its Terrain Management System is perfected for the rugged and bumpy dunes of Dubai. The special “sand” mode is added to cope with the dry, choppy terrain of the UAE when drivers venture off road. UAE’s fine sand, high temperatures and strong winds made this testing essential in the Middle East. The Terrain Management System has seven modes in 4WD (sand, gravel, snow and grass) that allows the driver to keep certain “bouncy” situations in control. Woah! That is one cool feature to have! When it comes to innovative features such as the stealth mode system in 2018 Ford Mustang GT, or customizable driving modes, Ford is way ahead of the game!

Ford Expedition Interior, Buying car in Dubai
Ford Expedition Interior

The interior of the the Expedition is also quite luxurious with trimmed leather seats, a driver seat with a massage feature, plenty of second and third row leg and hip room, a touch screen powered by SYNC 3 that also includes Arabic voice capability, adaptive cruise control with automatic car stopping abilities, a rear entertainment system with a 12-speaker and an Olufsen sound system.

Did we just hear beverage holders?! Yes, you heard it. There are 15 of them peppered around the Expedition, so it’s safe to say that you won’t go thirsty on a long journey! Your devices will also be pampered as there are 6 USB ports complete with a 230-volt outlet and wireless charging.

Ford fans will love this new “exp-edition” to the SUV lineup! But you could also check out other options when buying car in Dubai. Hop on to to check out a variety of pre-inspected and warrantied car options! Happy switching!