Breakdowns are a common occurrence in every driver’s life. Even good vehicles can have their “bad car days” once in a while. Not only are breakdowns stressful, but they can also decrease the resale value of used cars Dubai, so you should try to keep your car well-maintained. There are few car problems that you could fix yourself and others where you’ll need some professional help like a towing service. Let walk you through common car problems and if they require a towing service or not!

  1. Electrical problems
Battery breakdowns, used cars Dubai

Battery breakdowns

Battery and electrical  issues are a common cause of car breakdowns. To avoid this, you can keep an eye open for certain signs such as a bloated battery or the pungent odor of short circuiting in the electric system of your car. Always have jump cables in your car. If you get stranded, you can manage the problem yourself by hooking to a friendly neighbor car. Otherwise, you’ll need to call out a service to either jump the battery or replace on site. So no need for a tow!

  1. Flat tyre
Flat tyre, used cars Dubai

Flat tyre

Flat tyres are the most unpredictable and common causes of car breakdowns. See to it that you have a spare tire and it is in good condition and inflated. Also consider opting for a portable air pump. For additional well-rounded preventative maintenance, check out these warning signs that your tyres need to be replaced.

A handy guide on how you can successfully replace your tires can be found here! But if you didn’t take proper precautionary measures and get jammed with a flat tyre, then it’s best to have the tyre repaired or the wheels changed before you get stranded.

  1. Traffic accidents
Traffic accidents, used cars Dubai

Traffic accidents require a tow service

Mishaps are pretty common on the road, even if you are a safe driver. Damages from accidents can range from a bad paint job to loss of headlights. Many types of car accidents and collisions most certainly need the help of a towing service. Even if there seems to be minor damage, a tow truck service will help you determine the best course of action and determine the extent of the damage.

  1. Engine problems

From destroyed fan belts to leaking water pumps, there could be many reasons for why your engine could be shut down causing your car to shut down completely. When this happens on the road, you will unfortunately need to call a towing service as soon as possible.

  1. You need fuel

In Dubai’s heat, it is understandable that you wouldn’t want to keep spare fuel in your car. We recommend keeping an eye on the tank to avoid the trouble altogether. You could also hitch a ride to the nearest gas station and buy a portable tank to fill up. If all convenient solutions fail, then your safe option would be to call a towing service. Some tow trucks might even bring you fuel at a reasonable price to save time and money!

Calling a towing service is unavoidable in some situations. The best precaution is opt for a pre-inspected and warrantied car, and those are the only kind we serve on! All direct from individual sellers to buyers through transparent means. Check it out if you are interested in switching your car anytime soon!