Hyundai’s 2019 Electric Kona Unveiled in Dubai!

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Hyundai Electric Kona, used cars Dubai
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It’s hard not to be wowed with Hyundai’s latest line-up. For years, Hyundai was seen as a brand champion for cheaper car models but they are now working on creating a lot of high quality yet still affordable cars to change that perception. You can check out’s directory of used cars Dubai to fish for a Hyundai hatch!

Hyundai Electric Kona, used cars Dubai
Side view; electric kona

With its unique styling and electric-only driving system, the Kona Electric is inclined to succeed. Launching with two separate electric powertrains, the standard or the “baser” version  boasts of a large battery with a 133-hp electric motor and a 39 kWh battery pack that gives around 150 miles of driving range. It can sprint from 0-62 mph in about 9.3 seconds!

The more “boast worthy” model is probably the longer range one, though. It claims to offer 292 miles of driving time between charges and a horse power of 201 with a close to hot hatch sprint of 0-62 mph in 7.6 seconds.The bigger model has a bigger battery close to 64 kWh which gives it plenty of boost to cover around 450 km in one charge.

Hyundai electric Kona, used cars Dubai
Back view; Electric Kona

This also means that the bigger model will take more time to fully recharge, around 9 hours and 40 minutes, whereas, the smaller model will take 6 hours and 10 minutes.

The Kona Electric looks visibly different from the base model, so you will be able to enjoy the make of the new model. Even though, the colour combinations of the standard Kona are available, the grille is closed off and there are 17-in alloy wheels.

Hyundai Electric Kona, used cars Dubai
Interior; Electric Kona

The model doesn’t lag behind in tech either! With a semi-autonomous cruise control and emergency braking with pedestrian detection, it has laid the foundation for a self-driving vehicle in full control. There are also multiple connections for different smartphones with a wireless charger feature as well!

Hyundai Electric Kona, used cars Dubai
Interiror: Electric Kona

Hyundai has been killing it recently with the launch of the Veloster Turbo models and now with this electric powertrain. With great reliability reviews and value for money motto, autoheads can jump ship soon if they want to! It’s great that we have used cars Dubai at to help us along, don’t we? Happy switching!