Tesla Electric Cars Showroom Opens in Dubai

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We have an exciting news for UAE residents who simply can’t get enough of electric cars! Folks in Dubai especially, the wait is over. Tesla will open the doors to its Dubai showroom next week. Electric car lovers will be lining up for this one! Curious to learn more? Get the latest scoop on CarSwitch!

Tesla customers in the UAE have been issued early invitations citing Wednesday, July 12, as the opening date for the official launch of the Tesla Showroom and Service Center. Located on the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, it will be the first electric car showroom in the entire Middle East. used cars for sale in the UAEAs of now, reports indicate that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will not be attending the opening. Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Tesla’s Director of new markets will be speaking at the occasion instead. Judging by the fact that it’s already at capacity prior to the RSVP date, the event will clearly be one jam-packed affair!

This news comes at a time when there is already plenty of excitement in the air about the highly-anticipated Tesla Model 3 coming out next Friday. While the latest model will not immediately be up for grabs in the UAE, pre-orders are open for the region. If you are also looking forward to the Model 3, check out this short interesting primer by Tech Insider.

Meanwhile, in the Dubai showroom, the full-sized sedan Model S and the 4×4 SUV version Model X will be available for sale. Already, rumors abound about Tesla Model S and Model X cars arriving by the dozens at the Jebel Ali Port. Moreover, 200 units of Teslas have also been ordered by the RTA Dubai to be used as high-end taxis. So, the future of electric cars in the UAE looks bright!

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