Ford Raptor Debuts with Greater Tech Chops!

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2019 Ford Raptor, Dubai used cars
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Ford has upgraded the Raptor but don’t expect any major visual changes as the major enhancement rests on technology. After teaming up with Fox, the two brands have come up with groundbreaking technology featuring electronically controlled Live Valve Technology. The new system adjusts itself in real-time by a system of sensors found in the suspension and body to optimize handling and comfort! Looking for more cars with such cutting edge features? Check out for more options of Dubai used cars!

The system features 2019 Ford Raptor Terrain Management System that allows the pick-up to maintain good speed in gravelly terrain. This makes it all the more suitable for the more bumpy and grainy parts of Dubai. Looks like Ford is really upping their game with the SUVs and trucks. With the launch of the new 2018 Ford Expedition, the SUV lineup is looking great! Hop on to if you want to buy a new 2018 Ford Expedition for sale.

2019 Ford Raptor, Dubai used car
2019 Ford Raptor

Coming back to the fierceness of the Raptor, you are in for a surprise if you think that the terrain management is the best part. The new and improved system can also detect if the vehicle is in the air! As the truck lands, the raptor changes the dampers to complete stiffness to absorb shock from the fall as the Raptor lands.

2019 Ford Raptor, Dubai used car
2019 Ford Raptor interior

The interior has been upgraded with sports seats to keep the driver and passengers secure in their place. They provide firm support and are complemented with Alcantra blue and contrast stitching, all of which is inspired by the Ford GT.

The 2019 Raptor also gets a new Trail control. The system adjusts breaking and power when travelling over rough terrains at low speeds, so that the driver’s attention is not diverted. The system is activated at speeds of up to 32 km/h. The Raptor is likely to arrive in Dubai next year. It’s set to be designed in three different colours: Ford performance blue, Agate Black and Velocity Blue.

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