How to Turn Your On-Roader into an Off-Road Machine!

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Dubai used car owners might believe that their “soft”, on-road car cannot be taken to extreme terrains due their car’s tyre size. But with proper tyres, owners can use their car for off-road enjoyment and drive off into the most treacherous of terrains!

What’s offered by all-season and all-terrain tyres?

No matter what type of truck you have, all you need is a set of right tyres to enjoy off-roading.  Some of the features of all-season tyres include:

  • Great traction for majority of the riding conditions in wet weather
  • Excellent for travelling on gravely or wet road roads
  • A greater overall performance, irrespective of the weather conditions

On the other hand, some benefits that all-terrain tyres are:

  • They are made for on and off-road terrains
  • Ideal for extended periods of riding in gravely and muddy conditions
  • The tread compound of the tyres has a high carbon content that prevents hydroplaning

How long will you be off-roading?

Your choice of tyres will depend on the amount of time you spend off-roading. The rate of your off-roading chronicles will determine if you want to switch to all-terrain road tyres. For those who spend the majority of their times off-roading i.e, greater than 50%, they would benefit from choosing all-terrain tyres.

How’s the weather?

Truck owners who live in snowy areas will benefit from all-season tyres. All-season tires offer better performance in shallow and deep snow, giving better traction and grip on the highways. If your Dubai used car truck has to traverse in chilly, snowy conditions, then installing all-season tires are your best bet.

Better load capacity: All-season or all-terrain?

Another feature that makes all-terrain tyres a better off-roading choice is that many of these tyres provide reinforced sidewalls. The sidewalls provide more load-bearing capacity. For extreme and dangerous terrains, the all-terrain tires is a suitable option as they provide additional stability.

What’s your purpose?

Even in cases where you aren’t planning on off-roading on your Dubai used car for the majority of the time, the all-terrain tires are a suitable option. The reason is that they provide more traction, stability, towing capacity and support as compared to all-season tires. In addition, all-terrain tires can withstand road bumpiness and will minimize jerking and shaking of the tire frames when on off-road terrain.

So, our verdict is that regardless of the type of truck you have, whether it’s a Mercedes Benz AMG-G 63 or a Ford Expedition, installing or buying a car with all-terrain tires offers the drivers with more efficiency and power when driving off-road.

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