The cars that are being produced nowadays are more like smart machines on wheels. We all love the idea of an autonomous car for sale, with data and smartphone connections and bluetooth connectivity, but with all these advanced tech-features comes a vulnerability. Any electronic device with internet availability in your Dubai used car can be the target of cyber attacks. And some car designs can be tempered by the hackers for fun and profit. Some cars are even hackable through bluetooth connectivity!

So, here are some facts to walk you through the alarming threat of car hacking! Worry not, you don’t have to sell your car for a “tech-free” model just yet!

Rediscovering car hacking: The Robin hood of car hackers

Back in 2013, two hackers , Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller were given $80,000 in grant by a research facility in pentagon to search security receptiveness and risks in cars. They made their breakthroughs in the early 2015 when they hacked a 2014 Jeep Cherokee successfully. They tapped into the car’s radio system and proceeded to take control of the car’s radio, engine, air-conditioning and the brakes. The study led to a an extensive recall by Fiat Chrysler automobiles for software updates.

Connected cars may be vulnerable

Connected cars, Dubai used car

With millions of connected cars rolling out into the streets, it seems that they are the future of the car industry. As much as connected cars have their pros, they also provide an outlet for the hacker to tap into the car’s Controlled Area Network (CAN). Once the hacker has control over the CAN, they are in a position to send commands to the controllers of the car to steal private or corporate data, track data or control other functions of the car. The control of various functions can vary in intensity such as taking over the windshield wipers or the infotainment system of your Dubai used car to critical functions such as disabling the braking system or switching off the engine.

Internet connectivity is not required for car hacking

internet connectivity, Dubai used car
There is a misguided belief that internet connectivity is required for car hacking. But that is not entirely true. A project involving the Mitre Virginia state police and the University of Virginia found out that non-internet connections can be tempered with. They experimented with 2012 Chevrolet Impala and found out that they could make the car stop from going from park to drive. In addition, they were also able to take over the engine. Controlled functions included unlocking the passenger door, driver door, opening the trunk and taking control of the windshield wipers

In a different experiment, Promon technologies were able to show how an app could be used to drive off another person’s Tesla car. These hacks were not easy feats, but they are possible.

Are driverless cars in trouble?

Driverless cars, Dubai used car
Concerns for the safety of driverless cars are also following their launch. Some security concerns are justified now that it has been proved that car driving mechanisms can be compromised. The development of driverless cars is still in its early stages and we are yet to see how manufacturers will deal with the hacking threat.

The war against cyber crime is always a hard one to win. As car softwares become more upgraded, so do the hackers’ techniques! So, it’s always best to hide your car’s Wifi password, update the softwares, turn off the bluetooth and Wifi when not in use and scan USB drives when plugging them into your new or Dubai used car!

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