Top 5 Cool Car Gadgets for Your Dubai Used Car!

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Car gadgets, Dubai used car
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You must have wondered when driving in a new or Dubai used car how you can amp your travel journey even more! From a phone mounter to a battery pack, we have gathered together a list of cool, user-friendly car gadgets for you to try out!

  1. Mobile eye

Another great device for your Dubai used car is a mobileye 560. It gives devices real-time updates that help avoid accidents. The system has a front camera that is installed on the windshield, and an audio buzzer and a display so that the the driver can assess the danger. The technology of the smart camera has a digital component that measures the distance between the cars, reads the speed limits and alerts when pedestrian are nearby.

  1. A portable jumper starter kit

Battery jumper starter kit
A portable jumper starter kit is always useful in unfortunate circumstances. A jump starter kit is like what a powerbank is to a cell phone. It’s a battery source that allows you to start your car when it dies. The clamps on the kit are hooked to the battery for backup power. Always keep one if you are planning on going off-road for a long time!

  1. GPS tracker

It can be a bummer when you forget where you parked your car. A GPS tracker connects you to your tracker to let you know the location of your Dubai used car at all times. There are some trackers that even come with a geo fence that will notify you through a text or mail if the car goes outside the pre-established area. 

  1. Tire pressure monitoring system

tire pressure monitoring system
Here’s another handy car device for your Dubai used car. A tyre pressure monitoring system is the “stethoscope” of your tyres. It helps keep tabs on the health of your tyres. It checks for both temperature and pressure. It comes with four sensors that come attached to each tyre and a monitoring display that plugs into the cigarette lighter. The display reveals the pressure of each tyre so you know when something is wrong.

  1. A phone mount

phone mount

Using a cellphone while driving is against the law and can compel you to drive rashly. But sometimes, there is something urgent that demands our attention. Since, it is difficult to focus on the road and on the caller when holding the phone, this is where a phone mounter comes in handy! Not only will you not get distracted while driving but you can listen to hands free music and also use the mount for GPS navigation.

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