How (and Why) Mercedes Transforms its S-Class and GLS into Maybachs

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If you don’t know yet, CarSwitch, a platform to sell any car in the UAE, brings you transformative news from Mercedes. The luxury car brand has decided to transform its S-Class and GLS into Maybachs!

The $100,000 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-class which already is an influx of safety, technology, and sybaritism, has something new to welcome! Envisioning a more luxurious variant, Mercedes is set to launch it’s 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-class, 2021 Maybach GLS600, and 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S580. Find below all new the Maybach will bring;

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The new Maybach is significant with its rear compartment that offers a seven-inch wheelbase stretch, all granted to the rear compartment. The new comfort seating ensures the leisure of planes and boats with seats “reclining almost like a bed.” 

Layers of shiny chrome jewelry are added to the grille, hood, window openings, and rear. With a Nappa leather headline inside the roof; the rear doors are power shut and rear seatbelts power out on a robotic arm. 

The gas and brake pedals are Mercedes-Maybach branded and knurled. To add to the luxury, an exclusive scent for the Air Balance in-car perfume atomizer system is added. The Maybach offers exclusive two-tone colors.



Keeping in view the classic market, the Maybach is the need! With love for luxury and comfort, the introduction of Maybach is not only a market power play but a way to gain customer loyalty. According to the Mercedes’ brand managers, the SUV is working as a supplementary vehicle, as their customers have more than one car in their household. 

They believe that the new variant will not work as an S-Class and GLS substitute but as a distinctive model on its own.


The company believes that Maybach buyers are brand loyal with more than three-quarters of them moving up from an existing Benz product. With demand for having the best, they are willing to pay for that perception, the Mercedes Maybach is set to offer. To enhance the whole Maybach experience, the series will have its own logo. The Mercedes-Maybach logo will be set in the C-pillar that illuminates at night, and the available champagne fridge, with Maybach-branded champagne flutes.

Calling the Maybach buyers loyal, they aim to buy Maybach from different brands. This has made the Mercedes market presence more prominent in their target audience. 


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