New UAE driving license rules announced for Ras Al Khaimah

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CarSwitch, the best place to find pre-owned cars in Dubai, wants their reader to be well informed! So, if you are driving in the UAE and want to have yourself covered legally, we are here with news for you! According to the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Police announcement on December 13, 2020, new driving license rules for all applicants. This includes a mandatory 15 training lessons before issuance of the license.

While making the announcement, Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Humaidi, Director-General of the Central Operations, RAK Police, said that the new rules are obligatory for all applicants for a driving license. He said that new rules were put in place to improve traffic safety in the UAE. He also stated that night training lessons were compulsory for all applicants: said; 

“The night training lessons are essential prior to appearing for a test that will help applicants to learn how to drive safely after dark.”

The decision was praised by UAE residents. Sherif Al-Wakeel, a UAE resident from Egypt stated that the initiative by the RAK Police to implement mandatory 15 driving training lessons was commendable. Talking about the previous rules, he said; 

“A section of new drivers doesn’t master all the skills that are necessary to take to the UAE’s roads, especially at night.” 

Another UAE resident Mohammed Ibrahim suggested training essential to drive during the winters. He said; 

“Drivers need to undergo training lessons during inclement weather in winter, where the visibility is often low and roads are slushy because of rainfall,” he said.

Abdullah Saleh, another resident of the Emirates stated that immigrant residents are more comfortable with the rules in their native countries. However, he also called for understanding the rules in the UAE. 

“However, the nature of roads and traffic rules differ from one country to another. They should be aware of the UAE rules in a bid to ensure road safety.”

Ali Saeed, another Emirati national suggested that professional drivers should get these trials done once in a while. He said; 

“Veteran drivers also need to undergo fresh training sessions. It’s good for a periodic check-up of their eyesight and safe driving in RAK and the rest of the UAE.”

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