Much Awaited Launch of Apple Car to be in 2024

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The pioneering Apple Car mission is thriving ahead of the set timeline according to the Economic Daily News. A Taiwanese report has given in-depth information as cited from anonymous sources. In the second quarter of 2021, the production of car parts will be initiated. 

The sources of Reuters hinted at 2024 to be the unveiling year. A prototype car was to be released in the last decade by Apple. But afterward the technology giant concentrated on self-driving car software. By ditching the hardware part to other companies, it focused on a personal car instead. 

However, several hints towards a physical vehicle have been made by Apple recently. This can be done by the addition of patent applications. The filing of this physical automotive part is not guaranteed to be completed. But it gives one an idea of the engineer’s methodology. 

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What went down in 2019

The physical vehicle plan was determined after regrouping with the Project Titan. Reuters stated that the software goal was discarded. The incorporation of the game-changing battery innovation was introduced.

This would allow for more energy to be packed inside the battery with a less expensive budget. 


The hype about the battery

Considerable space is freed up with the monocell battery pack. According to the sources, the driving range is increased with the help of active materials. By freeing up the space, the style is simplified as well. 

The composition of the battery would be lithium-ion phosphate as told by the publication. Discussions with the external firms are being held to work on self-driving technology. However, instead of collaboration, the technology giant might create its own in-house innovation. IPhone technology might aid in achieving this goal. 

The reaction of the news

Since Apple has not commented on any information, it is best to not put all faith in these reports. The company is known to be highly secretive. The plans might again shift according to new reports. 

It might be a self-driving software or a physical vehicle. But nevertheless the future is bright for artificial intelligence as Apple is capable of manufacturing robocars.

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  1. Who is the leader of the Apple Car project?

The leadership has been changed numerous times. Many employees have lost their jobs due to this strife. Nevertheless, the project has been handed over to John Giannandrea. He is the chief of machine learning and Apple AI.

  1. What factors delayed this project?

Internal conflicts and disagreement on leadership were some of the big hurdles which delayed the Apple Car project in the previous years. However, these issues have been overcome efficiently. 

  1. Where is the project taking place?

The employees of Apple are working in the secret headquarters located somewhere in the Bay Area. The information spread from rumors suggest that it is outside the main campus of Apple. Sunnyvale, California might be the secret headquarters of the project according to the speculations.

Wrapping it up

All eyes are on the tech giant. The release of the Apple Car is being anticipated by everyone. For information to buy and sell any cars in UAE, visit CarSwitch

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