Buy, register cars without visiting showroom – Dubai tech at Gitex 2020

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Your favourite place to buy second hand cars in Dubai, CarSwitch is back with another exciting news! This is all you need to hear in the times of the growing pandemic, you can now buy and register your car right from the comfort of your home! Yes, you heard it right! Starting on December 6, the Gitex Technology Week 2020 has launched the first model of buying and registering a vehicle online. Through this tech model, the customer does not have to visit the showroom.

The system is developed by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) which uses blockchain technology. According to the statement by the authority;

“The system uses blockchain technology to process transactions and exchange data in a safe environment that supports the use of new business models and services in partnership with the private sector”.

Along with the system of online buying and verification, the RTA also launched No. l mini. The No. 1 mini is a card that is as small as a keyholder during the Gitex 2020 event.

The RTA has been working hard to add innovation and practicality to the transport industry of the city. Following are ways how the RTA has been successfully operating so far. 

Covid Safety

The RTA uses artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that transport and Covid 19 precautions are followed. It helps the RTA by checking that the public transport drivers and passengers adhere to the safety rules. AI is also used by the authority along with collected data to monitor the conduct and compliance of taxi drivers to the principles of safe driving. Verification of adherence of both public transport drivers and riders with the precautionary measures of Covid-19 is also done. 

This includes physical distancing and mask use. 

Talking about its work in the covid 19 pandemic, the authority stated; 

“Through the use of big data to detect physical distancing between users, the RTA can spot congested spots and deploy more buses on certain routes, which will also assist in ensuring physical distancing.” 


The RTA is also responsible for planning and charting out Metro routes and timings using AI. Through AI, the RTA detects high-demand spots for taxis. It also assists with the preventive maintenance of buses as well as improves bus operations.

Dubai Intelligent Traffic Systems

The Dubai Intelligent Traffic Systems are another invention of the RTA which was presented at the Gitex 2020.  At the RTA stall at the event, a presentation about the city’s Intelligent Traffic Systems at Al Barsha was made. It was named one of the biggest and most sophisticated in the world. The system manages traffic movement using smart technology.

Inspections through drones

At Gitex 2020, the RTA also exhibited the use of drones in inspecting Dubai Metro tunnels. The drone inspections are carried out for a quick and accurate survey regarding the condition of assets. The drones are not only a good source of inspection in the times of covid but also good for places which are not easily accessible physically.

Talking about the introduction of technology in the transport systems, Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA, said:

The RTA seeks to be a key player in developing and applying technologies capable of making life easier for Dubai residents. We have charted out a clear road map for the future of smart mobility up to 2071, and developed a master plan for digitisation and the introduction of the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies in the transport sector.

He also stated: 

Deliverables include the Self-Driving Transport Strategy 2030, Mobility Digitisation Strategy, AI Strategy 2025, and the Improvement of the 4th Industrial Revolution Lab for Transport.

The introduction of the latest technology in the transport system has led Dubai to advance in all times. While you are at it, do not forget to check out our website to find the best deals for pre owned cars in UAE. Visit CarSwitch now! 

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