Ineos Grenadier Will Be a No-Frills SUV

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UK’s Ineos revealed the new Ineos Grenadier recently and no one missed the fact that it looks a lot like the last-gen Land Rover Defender. Well, it’s not a coincidence at all, as even it is actually inspired by the old Defender. Apparently, the team did consider various 4×4 designs and as is evident, the end result looks like the Defender. Everything from its profile to the raked roof is reminiscent of the vehicle. But, of course, there is more than looks to this SUV., an online marketplace to buy any car in Abu Dhabi, did some research to share the details with you.

Ineos Wants to Focus on Off-Road Performance, Predictable Handling, and Ride Quality

The Grenadier is meant to be rugged and if it evokes no sense of luxury, that’s because the vehicle’s designer didn’t want it to send off that impression. Now, Ineos has only unveiled the Grenadier ‘s exterior, which means a lot still remains under the wraps.

According to Ineos Automotive’s CEO Dirk Heilmann, the exterior of the Grenadier has been made public so that the company could now move to the next critical phase of its development, which is testing its durability and capability. He adds that the program ahead is very challenging, and will involve putting the prototype through different tests and let it reach 1.8 million test kilometers over the coming year.

And that’s the reason why the exterior is no longer a secret. The carmaker doesn’t want to have the added responsibility of keeping the vehicle’s identity hidden when testing it out in the open. And since there are no secrets to be kept any longer, the manufacturer wouldn’t have to use fake panels or foam blocks during the testing process.

According to the head of design Toby Ecuyer, the intention was to make a functional, modern, and highly capable 4×4 vehicle whose premise would be utility. They don’t want any bells and whistles, just a no-frills vehicle that delivers on its promises.

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Specifications Remain Unknown

The idea of making a Defender-style car popped up around three years ago. Grenadier is the brainchild of London’s billionaire Jim Ratcliffe and with the support of chemical company Ineos and Austria’s automobile manufacturer Magna Steyr, the idea came to life.

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While detailed specifications are not known yet, the Grenadier will apparently be fueled by 3.0-liter straight-six gas and diesel engines, which will be procured from BMW. Its suspension will be tuned for off-roading. As for the interior, it will likely be rugged yet modern.

The company claims that the SUV will be robust and resilient and it will be made by world-renowned engineers with the best components available.  

The Grenadier will not be a niche product and instead, it will be sold in most global markets. The company is apparently planning annual production of 25,000 units. It remains to be seen when it will arrive at dealerships.

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