Here Is Our First Look at the 2021 Ford F-150

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The 2021 Ford F-150 comes with a significant upgrade, especially in terms of design. Special attention has been paid to the payload, towing capability, stability, ride quality, and the interior. The 2021 model comes with the same dimensions and the same powertrains as the outgoing variant if you count out the nixed six-speed automatic., an online marketplace on how to sell car in Dubai, did some research to share the details with you.

2021 Ford F-150 Engine And Performance

The new PowerBoost hybrid comes with Pro Power Onboard. PowerBoost has paired the Explorer Hybrid’s electric motor and 1.5-kWh battery pack with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 of the F-150. Power and torque have not been revealed yet. The vehicle offers towing capability of over 12,000-pounds and a decent fuel economy. It delivers a driving range of 700-mile. It will be offered on all trim levels.

The standard Pro Power Onboard system of the hybrid offers a 2.4-kW inverter that outputs 20 amps of 110-volt electricity for fueling a job or campsite. If you require 30 amps of 220-volt power, you can upgrade the PowerBoost truck to the 7.2-kW inverter. A 2.0-kW 110-volt inverter is standard on all models except the entry-level 3.3L V-6 and the diesel. It starts automatically and idles the engine as needed to fuel devices.

The vacuum brake booster on the current model has been swapped with electric assist. The calipers and rotors have been updated to manage the higher tow ratings. The F-150 also features the Adaptive Steering system previously seen on the Edge and other models. The setup puts gears and a motor between the column and steering wheel to decrease the amount of steering input required in the midst of low-speed maneuvers.

The vehicle also features a stowable shifter that can fold down onto the console when in Park so that the center armrest can flip over forward and take the shape of a seamless work surface. There is also a tailgate step option which gives you a sturdy SMC composite surface that has metric and imperial ruler markings, a spot to put your handheld device, and two recesses for C-clamps to fasten the workpiece to the tailgate.

The tailgate also has two tie-down loops that act as bottle openers. The gate can now be opened and closed automatically. The vehicle also flaunts Pro Trailer Backup Assist and Trailer Reverse Guidance system which uses a yaw-sensor and cameras to coach the driver while maneuvering manually.

The new model comes with frame reinforcements to help with widening the track by less than 1 inch. This increases the tow rating and also facilitates the PowerBoost’s extended transmission and cell mounting. Better bushings in the places where the cab mounts to the frame, monotube shocks on beefier versions, and improved rigidity improves the driving experience.

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2021 Ford F-150 Exterior And Interior

The stabilizer bar at the front is now attached to the steering knuckle and this gives it a mechanical advantage over the previous model. In some lower-payload applications, composite leaf springs have replaced steel.

An 8.0-inch infotainment display is now standard. The vehicle also boasts Ford’s SYNC4 operating system with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. While the interior now heavily favors screens, some physical buttons have also been retained.

2021 F-150’s price has not been announced yet. It will likely be more expensive than the current generation.

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