10 Tips for Safe and Fun Off-Roading in the UAE

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It’s the perfect weather for off-road adventures in the UAE. While it sure is fun, you should keep some things in mind before heading out in your Dubai car. CarSwitch has compiled 10 offroading tips that will make your adventure both safe and fun.

1. Do your research: choose a good trail

If it’s going to be your first off-roading experience, then try to choose a trail that is well-travelled and safe. Be sure to inform someone where you are going and around what time they should expect you to be back.

2. Remember to service your car

Before driving into the desert, make sure that your vehicle is serviced. This is important as the oils can get extremely hot under strain and some routes can really test your vehicle’s power. 

3. Mark your location

You should mark your entry point on the GPS once you reach your location. It is also useful to write down an easy-to-spot landmark. 

4. Steer more and brake less often

Giving a hard brake will cause your vehicle to sink. For more traction, you should keep moving your steering wheel.

5. You are responsible for the environment

Driving over plants and wildlife would be damaging to the environment, so, refrain from doing that. It can also be dangerous to do so. 

6. Use throttle wisely

In case you get stuck, do not pile on the throttle because it will simply cause the vehicle to sink. The correct approach would be to analyze the situation, choose a direction, and then get people to help you push your vehicle out. 

7. Choose the right mode

Even if you have a four-wheel-drive, you should understand the different transmission modes. For instance, 4-low suits best for climbing hills.

8. Carry the essentials

You should carry a few essential items like a shovel, a GPS, plenty of water, and a fully charged phone. 

9. Tow it right

As the towing vehicle pulls you straight out, you need to decide on the direction first. By doing so, you can prevent your axles from getting damaged. 

10. Read the sand

You should consider learning how the sand works. For example, the tops of the dunes tend to be soft and bottoms hard.We hope your adventure goes well! If you’re looking for a reliable 4×4 vehicle, then you should check out the used cars in Dubai on CarSwitch.com. Happy shopping!

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