Cars With the Best Infotainment Systems

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In the 80s, Buick came forth with a system that merged the concepts of information and entertainment with a 9-inch display in the latest Rivieras luxurious sedan. This modern feature wasn’t appreciated at the time, but was fortunately taken up by Lexus in the first RX model. 

Although legendary, the earliest infotainment systems didn’t fulfill the desired user experience. Everything was messy and anything but intuitive. But this changed dramatically when automakers realized the expanding awareness of buyers regarding new technologies.

After two decades, even the entry-level models were equipped with excellent infotainment systems. The difference between the infotainment systems belonging to different automakers can make it difficult to choose which one is suitable. 

However, one element that every buyer needs is easy-to-use. The industry has evolved a lot, but there are many that are the high-end ones.

Fiat Chrysler Uconnect

This system is employed in many vehicles – Dodge Chargers, Chrysler minivans, Ram trucks, and Jeep Wranglers. This frequently used infotainment system is an upscale one. 

In many screen sizes, Uconnect operates efficiently and provides a modern, sleek interface. It can easily run Android Auto and Apple Car-Play. Plus, the voice command feature is active for widely used functions.

As FCA’s models run the gamut from hardcore muscular vehicles to intuitive minivans, Uconnect had to boast flexibility to operate in all places. In selected Jeep applications, it offers an Off-road Pages feature. 

This is an arrangement of screens and controls that enable drivers to see crucial car information, like gear, transmission temperature, and angles. In SRT models, the system displays Performance Pages that offer the ability to view driving information and customize driving modes. 


The automaker generated a top-tier infotainment system by prioritizing simplicity above everything. You won’t find any irrelevant frills or striking animations in the UVO menus and displays. 

However, the system functions flawlessly with an impressive level of response. UVO works on a big array of screen sizes, including the huge 12.3 inches display in Kia K900 sedan. In most scenarios, it supports Android Auto and Apple Car-Play.

Some Kia models feature rotary controllers, but touchscreen controls are efficient too. The navigation screen is simple as well.

Mercedes Benz MBUX

An abbreviation for Mercedes Benz User Experience, this is the latest innovation in the realm of infotainment systems. The manufacturers introduced MBUX with the unveiling of the A-Class models in 2018. 

This infotainment system can be controlled in many ways – a touchpad, voice, steering wheel controls, and touch. All controls are epic, but voice controls offer creative and funny responses to questions. This is similar to the backhanded jokes given by the voice assistants in Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Mercedes took another detail from smartphone designers – MBUX learns with time. It stores your favorite songs and directions for routine commute. 

These details become an integral part of the system’s memory and are provided in the future as shortcuts. Not to mention that MBUX is intuitive, responsive, fast, and user-friendly.

Ford Sync

Ford’s system is only second to the FCA’s Uconnect system for average manufacturers. It’s positive, colorful, and user-friendly. The brand has also unveiled the latest version called Sync 4 in chosen vehicles.

Going from Sync 3 to the new generation, the company added different connected services to offer a smartphone-like experience for traffic, weather, and maps. The new configuration also elevates speed for voice commands and precision. It also gives an improved integration with Android Auto and Apple Car-Play, which allows more choices for critical services.

The latest generation Sync system will also boast the ability to wirelessly connect to smartphones through Wi-Fi in order to access Android Auto or Apple Car-Play. 

Similar to MBUX, the brand says that the system will learn the user’s shortcuts, favorite tracks, and everyday habits to make the day easier.

Volvo Sensus

Sensus functions on the brand’s screens and offers granular control over the car’s many services. Volvo cars have grown to include portrait-like and big touch screens that take considerable space in the dashboard. 

If the software operating on these displays weren’t equipped for the task, it’d be a big hurdle, but this infotainment system is highly talented.

Sensus can be controlled via swipe gestures and provides a list of menus to monitor settings for functions, such as the climate system. It also includes Android Auto and Apple Car-Play. 

It’s definitely the most complicated system on the list, but the company has succeeded to make Sensus user-friendly and responsive when the car is in motion. 

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