The New Harley-Davidson Truck Is Surprisingly a GMC!

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Any petrolhead, well versed in new, vintage and used cars in Dubai would know how deep the relationship between Ford and Harley-Davidson runs. It stretches over more than ten years. The two companies, both pioneers of the industry, produced the F-150. Loved by all those who saw it, it soon became a favourite among truckers and bikers alike.

The collaboration between Ford and Harley-Davidson first started in 2000. The teamwork graced fans for a good thirteen years. However, in 2013, it was discontinued. Five years later, Harley-Davidson made a reappearance with a special announcement: a custom-made truck with the Tuscany Motor Company.

With a long run in designing and manufacturing speciality trucks, Harley-Davidson knows what it is doing. This year, they have decided to take it up a notch by switching collaborative partners from Ford to GMC. Who would have thought the saying New Year, New Me goes for them too! 

Taking inspiration from the Sierra, Harley-Davidson and GMC have partnered up to build a revamped version that incorporates over 65 alterations. Some of them include the following:

Milled wheels

Inspired by Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and CVO motorcycle models, the truck features 22-inch wheels. And as per tradition, it has the Harley-Davidson logo ingrained on it. 

Number plate: limited edition

Every Harley-Davidson truck comes with a limited edition number plate. It is fixed into the center console for all to see.

Tonneau cover

A large Harley-Davidson badge, as well as a Bar & Shield logo, is placed on its tonneau cover. The combination makes a deadly statement. For protection, the cover also comes with a built-in lock.

Grille and Skid Plate

The grille is fully customized with Bar & Shield patterns. It has an orange contour insert. The Harley-Davidson name is also imprinted into the bezel. It comes with a dark finish skid plate with orange tow hooks.

Induction-style hood

The hood set features a jet black injection moulded vent that allows induction airflow to take place. It also has an LED light bar on the front bumper.

Tailgate and exhaust

On the tailgate, you see dark finish cladding with the Harley-Davidson badge. The exhaust is custom-tuned with aluminium black tips and orange accents.

Fender vent

Every last detail screams Harley-Davidson. This includes active air fender vents with orange and dark finish perimeter accents as well as the Bar & Shield logo.

Finest interior

The seats are designed with the best leather upholstery with HD logo embellishments. The inside of the truck is a perfect combination of both comfort and beauty. It is available in three colour options: Onyx Black, Satin Steel Metallic and Summit White.

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