6 Tips for Eco-Friendly Driving in Dubai

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Even though we all love our used cars in Abu Dhabi, we have to admit that every time we turn the ignition, it does come with a fair price. Excessive fuel consumption is one of the major contributors to climate change.

If you are looking for reasons to adopt smarter and more eco-friendly driving habits, then fuel prices, carbon footprint and environmental concerns are just a few. Here are some tips by the experts at CarSwitch to do so.

  1. Be prepared ahead of the traffic

Let your car coast when you are nearing a red signal. It’s a well-known fact that driving abruptly, braking suddenly or making jerky turns uses more fuel than necessary. By planning ahead of the traffic, you can cut down your fuel costs by as much as 30 per cent.

2. Watch out for the speed

Even though every car has a different highest speed, generally, driving at speed greater than 80 km/h can increase your fuel costs. It also puts a strain on the environment as it increases carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Don’t make extra trips to the gas station

Make sure you don’t make special trips to the gas station. Do it on your way to work or home to save up on fuel.

4. Avoid idling 

Idling an engine is one of the major causes of excessive fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. If you just leave the engine running, you can burn more fuel than what it takes to start it again! So, if you are stuck in traffic, don’t leave the engine running and save the planet from choking.

5. Car maintenance is important

Checking the tyre pressure monthly and using the correct pressure can save a lot of fuel. It’s also important for your safety. Moreover, get your oil levels checked routinely. Did you know that by getting your car serviced regularly you can improve the fuel economy of your car and save thousands of dirhams in the long run?

6. Switch to green car options

If you are taking steps to conserve the environment, then do consider switching to greener new or used cars in Abu Dhabi. For example, you can go for fully electric or hybrid vehicles. In addition to this, you should also adopt better driving habits. You can even consider carpooling, using public transport, and biking.

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